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|| RadheKrishna ||


Poojyashree Shree Amma's
Vedhanadham - The Sound For The Soul - September 2004

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Welcome to our 6th and Krishnajayanti special issue....Wishing you and all your family members happy Krishnashtami...Radhekrishna!

Bhakti by Mahaan Brahmashree Gopalavallidasan (in Tamil)



Blessings to one and all in the world.

Human life is the divine boon bestowed on us by Lord Shri Krishna.To utilize this human form fruitfully, one must surrender himself wholly at the Lotus feet of Lord Shri Krishna, performing the day to day duties to attain Him and doing non-stop chanting of the Supreme.

Lord Sri Krishna being Karunasagara (ocean of mercy) wants all living beings in the universe to happy and joyful only.For the above purpose and to destroy the evils, He Himself descended on this earth in the Dwapara Yuga, Avaani month, Rohini Star (nakshatra) at Mathura.He was, is and will be there forever.

Year after year Krishnajanmastami is celebrated with great pomp and pleasure everywhere.But the true sense of celebrating krishnajanmaastami should be an intense desire to see Him, feel Him and to experience His divine grace only by doing so, one can experience the eternal supreme bliss.

One should have an unconditional and strong faith in the preachings of the Sathguru and should do nonstop chanting , only by doing so , one can experience the presence of God.Not an iota of doubt is there in the above statement.

People should not have an unnecessary doubt saying that in this treacherous kaliyuga whether one can experience His supreme presence? Since this Kaliyuga is all the more barbaric and treacherous as compared to the other yugas, Lord's Mercy is also the most now.In fact Lord Sri Krishna showers extra special attention and grace on those who trust him wholeheartedly and unconditionally in this kaliyuga.

The following few examples prove that so many bhaktas attained the Lord in this wild Kaliyuga :-

The only female Azhwar amongst the 12 Azhwars, i.e Bhakthai Andal realized her dream of getting married to Lord Krishna.

The princess Meera became one with Lord Dwarkanath.

Devotee Janabai enjoyed the bliss of Raasaleela with Lord Panduranga.

Devotee Sakhubai bound Lord Krishna with her love and bhakti.

Jayadevar witness Raasaleela Of Lord Krishna in the true form as it is.

Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu transformed himself as a Gopi, enjoyed and experienced Lord Krishna.

Periazhwar transformed himself as Yashoda Maata and relived the divine childhood of Lord Krishna.

Narsing Mehta was bestowed with wealth and fortune by Lord Shri Krishna.

There are many such examples like the above for narrating which even several births (jenmas) will not be sufficient.

Lord Shri Krishna who has showered his blessings on so many bhaktas is waiting to shower his love and affection on us also.There is no doubt about it.All that we need to do is to have a bit of intense desire to see him and to experience him.

Let us make a resolution that from this Krishnaashtami .We'll celebrate it in the true sense so that Krishna consciousness will spread throughout the universe and all will witness Krishnaleelas forever.


Poojyashri Shri Amma

September 2004, Chennai





Bharatha Bhoomi is the holy land with so many bhaktas(devotees).When we go through the Indian history there must be a bhakta in every period.That is the greatness of this sacred land. Bhaktas are the role model for all the bonded souls. They enjoy their life in a perfect way.Bhaktas surrender themselves to the Lotus feet of Bhagawan.By hearing or reading bhaktas divine story, the bonded soul is enlightened to come out of the worldwide bondages.

You all might have been eagerly awaiting to know what the Lord Pandurang did at Sakhubai's house. Here comes an end to your waiting. Sakhubai waited patiently and chanted Vitthal's name for this Vitthal himself came and helped her to reach Pandharpur. Similarly you all might have waited patiently and chanted Vitthal's name. Hence you all loved ones of Lord Pandurang can now enjoy and experience the rest of the life history of our great, humble, devoted, bhakthai Sakhubai.

At the same time Lord Pandurang who was at Sakhubai's house in her form was also enjoying each and every second of this bhajan. Hare Krishna! Krishna! Krishna! Krishna! Is it not the duty of each and every jeevathama to do namasankeerthanam and bhajans listening to which Bhagawan Shree Hari would get delighted and would enjoy each and every moment of it? Every second is passing by.Each day the distance between our life and death is shrinking. Our age is not increasing just once in a year on our birthday but as each day passes on, we are growing older and older. As every second passes on, this Janma (life) is coming closer and closer to an end. The one who takes part in Olympic race only knows a little bit of the real value of time compared to others. Even a microsecond counts for him. How much ever hardships or practice he may have put in to achieve that gold medal but everything depends only on his last performance.The real value of time is known only to a true bhakta. Time once lost can never be regained.Be aware of this indigestible real truth. So don't waste your time. Make a fruitful use of it by indulging yourselves in Krishna bhakti.

Sakhubai who was at the peak of happiness could feel the sanctity of Bhagawan Lord Pandurang within herself.She was deeply submerged in the bhajans and felt that how nice it would be if her life comes to an end at that moment itself. It was also becoming extremely difficult for Lord Pandurang to be away from this great bhakta of His! Hence He decided to pay heed to her prayers. No one in this universe has a right to change or question the decision of Bhagawan. Hence Sakhubai fell down unconscious but in real sense she had merged with the idol of Lord Pandurang.The bhaktas who were keenly involved in bhajans realized this fact a bit later only.One of the bhakta noticed it and came running to her.He held her hands to check her pulse and was shocked. Sakhubai was no more alive!! He started crying and informed this fact to everyone. No could believe what they were hearing. Everyone experienced a sorrow, which was several times more than the happiness they experienced while they were involved in bhajans.

Bhagawan Shree Krishna is the one and only creator of this universe. His existence is permanent and forever. But it is very difficult and rare to get a bhaktai (devotee) like Sakhubai in this kaliyuga who knew nothing except her Vittu, her lovable Pandarinath. Hence it can be confidently stated that it is not difficult to get the darshan of Bhagawan but getting a true bhakta is really rare. Even today our Pandarinathan is standing in Pandharpur, even today there are several ladies but how many among them are like Sakhubai? Don't you wish to do bhakti like Sakhubai for atleast one day, one hour, one second? Radhekrishna! If you have that wish you are sure to experience the eternal happiness.

It is up to us to decide. This is the power and greatness of our ancient Hinduism (Sanathana Dharma). There is no place for compulsion and conversion. This makes the foundation of our great and ancient Hinduism so strong. This is the reason why our Hinduism stands at the peak of all other dharma. Words would fall short to express the glory, strength and messages conveyed by our great Hinduism. Hinduism explains in a very simple manner the way to lead a happy and contented life. Anyone who follows our great Hindu dharma is guaranteed of enjoying the full fledged happiness.

The way Sakhubai had experienced the happiness on merging with her Vitthal, similarly Vitthal too derived the same happiness when He found Sakhubai along with Him.This is the relationship of Bhagawan and a bhakta.It is the relationship of the soul and not the physical body. Lord Pandarinath had already made up His mind to be at Sakhubai's house in her form and to serve her husband and in-laws. But Rakumai (consort of Bhagawan Sri Vitthal) was not happy with this decision of her husband. She felt that her husband is to provide comfort and shower his mercy on each and every jeevathma in this world. Hence if he remains at Sakhubai's place being fascinated by her bhakti then what happiness would the bhaktas get who would very eagerly come to Pandharpur to get his darshan? His idol would be there at Pandharpur but what about his sanctity? Hence she requested and prayed to Vitthal to come back and allow her to give life to Sakhubai.

By the mean time the group of bhakthas who were doing bhajans along with Sakhubai, took her body for performing the final rites and funeral. Bhagawan Lord Pandurang understood the real feeling behind Rakumai's prayer and accepted it. Hence Rakumai with the due permission of her husband gave life to Sakhubai.All this would sound to be dramatic and cinematic but unless one experiences it for themselves one won't understand the real feeling, power and strength hidden in it. When Bhagawan Krishna is the one and the only creator of the universe then won't this Paramaathma's wife who is the mother of the entire universe have the power to give life to a keenly devoted jeevathma.Rakumai reminded Sakhubai of that woman whom she had tied in her place and also made her aware of her duties.

Sakhubai accepted this advice of Rakumai and returned back. All the way, she kept on thinking of the happy days, which she had spent with her Lord Pandarinath.Sakhubai thought within herself that her Lord Vitthal had done such a great mercy on her. What else did she ever want? Let anything happen she decided to reveal the entire truth to her husband and in-laws and would request them to forgive her and would continue to do her duties for them. The experience that Lord Vitthal had given was sufficient for her to spend her remaining lifetime happily.

Sakhubai had reached her village and while she was on her way to home she saw that the same woman whom she had tied was coming to fetch water from the river.Sakhubai became very happy to see her. The woman with a sweet and mild smile asked her, 'Why it took so many days for you to return? I have been waiting for your arrival.' Sakhubai explained the extreme happiness that she attained and politely asked forgiveness for the delay. The woman handed over the pot of water to Sakhubai and Vitthal who was in the form of woman showed her His original form. Sakhubai could not believe her eyes. Looking at Him she melted. She bowed in front of Him for showering such a mercy on her. She was unable to utter a word, her lips shivered out of extreme happiness; her heart bloomed like a flower, she just lied down at the feet of Panduranga and when she looked upwards what she saw was He had disappeared. She remembered the same moment and cried, as it was Vitthal who was doing all the household duties for her. Her heart could not bear the burden of His mercy, the only thing she could do was cry for Him and chant His name Vitthal, Vitthal, Vitthal.....His mercy seemed no bounds.

A Brahmin, who belonged to Sakhubai's village had witnessed the entire incident that took place in Pandharpur. He knew that Sakhubai was no more alive. At that time Sakhubai was on the way to home being in the same hangover. By that time the Brahmin came to inform her husband that he had seen Sakhubai dead in Pandharpur. He said to her husband, " Don't worry, be stern in your life, Sakhubai is no more alive'. Her husband laughed and little angrily replied, "Don't be a fool, Sakhubai has gone to fetch water from the river." By that time the real Sakhubai entered the house and her husband said, "see there she is!". The Brahmin was stunned to see Sakhubai alive and was confused as how this could happen.

Sakhubai who was aware of all the matter cleared their confusion by saying that the woman who served everyone, who did all the household work, who patiently tolerated everything and worked as a servant for you all and the one who had gone to fetch water from the river at this moment was none other than the beautiful, caring, cute, loving, compassionate and merciful Lord Pandurang himself.

On hearing this, everyone was extremely shocked, stunned and they could not believe what they were hearing. Everyone had just heard in the stories that Bhagawan is extremely caring and merciful and He comes running at the call of his bhaktas to help them but this was a living example for them. It also revealed to them the true and the whole-hearted love and bhakti that Sakhubai had for Bhagawan Vitthal. Finally it was at this point of time that Sakhubai's husband and her mother-in-law realized their mistake and understood the real depth of Sakhubai's devotion for Bhagawan Vitthal.

They cried for their mistake and they cursed themselves that even after Lord Pandurang being in front of them they could not recognize Him. They pleaded and begged Lord Pandurang to forgive them and surrendered themselves to His Lotus feet. They also pleaded to Sakhubai to forget all the ill treatment to which they had subjected her.But the ever noble, gentle, humble Sakhubai in return responded to them by saying that they were the fortunate ones as they had such a great opportunity in their lifetime to be served, cared by the ultimate liberator of the universe. In return they said that if it were not for Sakhubai they would have never had such a divine experience in their lifetime. They considered themselves to be very fortunate to have such a great Bhakta among them.

Now all of them together and whole-heartedly started pleading to Lord Pandurang to give them His Darshan. Sakhubai's family members had Vitthal among them at the time when they had not realized His value and now when they had realized his strength, mercy, and compassion only because of the bhakti of Sakhubai they wished to see Vitthal in his original form. Sakhubai was also very much eagerly waiting for the darshan of Vitthal once again. Lord Vitthal, who is restricted to his bhaktha's bhakti and is standing eagerly to come running to help them immediately gave his darshan to everyone.

In Thiruvaimozhi Swami Nammaazhwaar has said:

'Paththudai Adiyavarcku Eliyavan! Pirargalucku Ariya Viththagan - Thiruvaaimozhi 2921


Bhagawan Shree Krishna is easily approachable to those who have true love and affection for Him. He even forgets that He is the supreme Power (Parmaathma) and comes down from His level for such Jeevathmas. But for those who don't have faith and love for Him, He remains far away from them. Even if He would be near them they would not be able to recognize Him and experience His divine grace. Bhagawan Shree Krishna exists everywhere. But those who have no faith in Him and suspicious about His existence (Nastik i.e. atheists), He never shows His original form and power to them.

The same happened with the family members of Sakhubai. Till the time they had no faith and love for Vitthal and doubted Sakhubai's bhakti Bhagawan stayed far away from them. Although He was with them in the form of Sakhubai they were unable to recognize Him. But the moment they realized their mistake and fell down on the Lotus feet of Vitthal and Sakhubai, Bhagawan was immediately ready to accept them. He forgave and gave them His darshan. Bhagawan showered such a grace on them only because they fell down at Sakhubai's feet.

Such is the mercy of Bhagawan Krishna, that even if we are the most sinful, once we fall at His Lotus feet and surrender ourselves to Him, He discards all our sins and comes to us.

Similarly He responded to the call of Sakhubai and her family members and gave them His darshan along with His divine consort Rakumai Devi. They looked at His Lotus feet, His Lotus eyes which was filled with compassion and was showering love and mercy on everyone, His beautiful lips resembling the colour of the rising sun which was glittering with a mild smile, His broad shoulders, His long hands to lift and rescue us from this samsara sagaram.Thus they kept admiring Him from toe to head and head to toe again and again. Everyone experienced a great happiness within themselves, which could not be expressed in words, and they bowed to Him. From that moment they engaged their lives in Bhagawan Vitthal's service.

Everyone can feel this experience, if they are as eager and patient as Sakhubai to experience Bhagawan. Sakhubai in this kaliyuga is an example who showed and made us believe that every one can experience Bhagawan by true mind, love, thirst, devotion, faith, and willingness even in the midst of such sufferings.Sakhubai is a living example to all the women that whether they experience happiness or not they should never give up. They should constantly engage themselves in the bbakti of Bhagawan Vitthal and one day or the other, everything would be favourable for them by His grace.

Being submerged in His meditation alone and by chanting His name continuously everyone is sure to get the darshan of Bhagawan Vitthal by His grace and by the grace of Poojya Shree Shree Amma.

The fortunate brick on which Lord Vitthal is standing is love and affection, which He has for his bhaktas. If we have that love and affection within us, then Vitthal is eagerly awaiting to come to us. So you judge yourself and if you are in search of such a love and compassion then come and surrender yourselves at the Lotus feet of Shree Poojyashree Shree Amma.

This September month brings with it a great festival of 'Janmaashtami' (Shree Krishna Jayanthi).You may have seen many Janmaashtami but set your mind firmly that within this Janmaastami, I would become one of the Gopi of my Krishna. I would dance with Him, play with Him, sing with Him and lead this life only and only with Him and for Him. This is the only right way to lead a happy and contented life. Just give a small place in your hearts to our sweet, cute, loving, caring, beautiful, compassionate, Krishna and then enjoy and experience the miracle He would bring in your lives. If you want Krishna to come and reside in your hearts permanently then do come and be a part of our Janmaashtami celebrations along with 'the ultimate liberator bestowed by Bhagawan Krishna', our Guruji Amma.

After being immersed in the story of our Sakhubai for the past four month surely it could be said that you all would have understood the real value of patience and tolerance that one should have. So be as patient as our Sakhubai till we bring before you the Charitaram (Life History) of another great bhakta belonging to this divine Bhagavada Bhoomi (Bharata Bhoomi) of ours.Radhekrishna!



Poojyashree Shree Amma and Mahaan Brahmashree Gopalavallidasan - Ammavin Thiruvadigale Sharanam!

Radhekrishna! After reading last months message, we all would have understood the correct way of of giving offerings to Bhagawan.Let us enjoy the same this month as well in a detailed manner!Bhagwan accepts all the offerings which are made to Him with true love and devotion.

Once Bhagwan Sri Krishna went to Hastinapur to meet Duryodana on behalf of the Pandavas.At that time, Duryodana had arranged a very grand feast for Lord Krishna and asked Him to enjoy it.But Bhagwan refused the same saying that "Neither you are offering this feast to Me with true love nor My life is going to come to an end at this moment." Krishna also said "The Pandavas are very closely attached to Me and they are my Aathma Bandhu (closely related to the soul).As you have no love and respect for the Pandavas who are My beloved ones, I would not accept the feast offered by you."

It has been sad in the shashtras of Hinduism, that one can have the food which is offered with true love or when one is passing through the situation where one is nearing death.This alone states that one can have food from anywhere even if not offered with true love only if one is nearing his death.Hence Bhagwan Sri Krishna refused to accept the food offered by Duryodana.

Bhagwan Sri Krishna straightaway went to Vidhura's house, who was the Minister (mantri) of Hastinapur and one of the great devotee of Lord Sri Krishna.Even though Vidhura could have lead a lavish and luxurious life he was very happy and contented leading a very simple and modest life.The true love and dedication that he had for Bhagwan Sri Krishna, dragged Lord Krishna automatically to his house..

Bhagwan Sri Krishna stood in front of Vidhura's house only because Vidhura and his wife were doing continuous namasankeertanam with true love, faith and devotion.Lord Krishna knocked the door and Vidhura's wife, who was a great devotee (bhaktai) of Lord Sri Krishna opened the door.To her great surprise, she found the supreme, beautiful, cheerful, merciful, lovable, charming, attractive Bhagwan standing in front of her with His beautiful, mystic large lotus like eyes full of mercy with a mild childish, naughty and charming smile on His lotus like lips.She was shocked, stunned and her happiness knew no bounds! She lost herself seeing His beauty and thinking about His mercy and did not know what to do!

Krishna entered Vidhura's house and He spread His soft, delicate, long hands which uplifts the samsaris from their sorrows, miseries and sufferings of the Samsara sagara, before Vidhura's wife and He asked her "I am very hungry, can you give me some food to eat?"

On hearing these words of Bhagwan Sri Krishna, tears of joy and happiness rolled down her cheeks and she realized the greatness and mercy of the Lord.The one who knows only to give was standing in front of her spreading His hands before her to satisfy His hunger! Vidhura's wife got drowned in the thought that 'the one who had spread His hands in front of Mahabali Chakravarthy for land, the one who had spread His hands in front of Yashodha for butter, the one who had spread His hands infront of the Gopis for butter, is in front of me with His hands spread!'

She said 'O! Krishna, Hey Dayaika Sindhu!, Hey Yashodha Nandana!, Hey Gopi Manaalan!, this mercy of Yours is not just limitless but unbelievable too! Both Bhagwan and Vidhura's wife were lost in each other.Bhagwan was lost in her true and deep love and Vidhura's wife was lost in the ocean of mercy of Lord Sri Krishna.

On seeing her drowned in the ocean of His mercy, Lord Krishna once again reminded her that He was hungry! At that time, there was nothing in Vidhura's house to offer Bhagawan to eat, except a bunch of bananas.She rushed and brought the bananas to offer it to Her Bhagawan.She took one banana and peeled its skin off,Can you guess what she offered to Lord Krishna???!!!

As she was in the same hangover, she peeled the skin off the banana, threw away the fruit and offered the banana's skin to Lord Krishna.Bhagawan accepted the banana peel happily as He was extremely pleased with the true love and dedication with which it was offered! Bhagwan Sri Krishna also lost himself in the true love, bhakti, dedication, faith and namasankeertanam of Vidhura's wife.

At that moment Vidhura entered the house and was shocked to see his wife offering the Supreme Lord the banana skin.He immediately ran and stopped his wife from doing so.He, with due permission of Bhagawan ordered his wife to cook food for His bhagawan.

The food was prepared and offered to Bhagawan, but while Bhagwan was having the food He did not look very appeased or delighted, which Vidhura noticed and felt depressed about.He was unable to bear that and finally he asked Bhagawan whether the food was not as per His liking?.

On this Bhagawan replied, "There is no doubt that this food is delicious and is also offered with love.But the food which was offered to Me by your wife was much more delicious than this one.This is so because she had offered it to Me with the extreme level of love and devotion where she had even forgotten herself.I could find only true and deep love, devotion of her in the skin of the banana that she had offered Me first."

This itself shows us that however small or invaluable offering may it be, but when offered with true love and devotion for Bhagawan, He readily accepts it wholeheartedly!

Sometimes offerings are made to Bhagawan in such a way that it becomes extremely difficult for Bhagwan Himself to accept it.For instance, the flowers and fruits stored in the refrigerator are offered to Him at a very cold temperature or sometimes hot, boiling food items or milk is offered.This happens so because one doesn't consider Bhagawan as on of the family member.Many may find it very difficult to digest this harsh truth, but this is a fact! One can ask how and why??

When offerings are made to Bhagwan no one even thinks that the items which are offered are too hot and may scald His tongue and too cold items maybe difficult for Him to accept, though He has a power to digest anything.Hence Bhagawan should be considered as one in our family and offerings should be made to Him as we would give to our children and near and dear ones.Offerings should be done with love, dedication, as per His liking and expectation without troubling Him.

Several doubts may arise in one's mind that Bhagawan accepted the banana peel offered by Vidhura's wife in Dwapara Yuga, but will He accept our offerings in this Kaliyuga??? Yes, of course if we have that true and intense love and devotion, then why not? Several bhaktas have proved this in Kaliyuga.Among them there is one such great bhakta of Lord Vitthal, who made the Lord accept his offerings in this Kaliyuga itself.

One might have offered many grand offerings to Bhagawan on every Janmashtami (Krishnajayanti), but at least from this janmaashtami onwards, lets resolve to loads of namasankeertanam and make our offerings to Bhagawan with such an intense love and dedication that He himself should be eagerly awaiting to accept our offerings.Lets treat each day as Krishnajayanti and make our offerings to the Bhagawan with such love and devotion! The bhagawan who knocked the doors of Vidhura's house and responded to their calls would surely respond to our calls as well.

Keep trying this for the whole month, till we come back with the Kaliyuga bhaktas.You can also be one amongst the bhaktas of kaliyuga if you have the love, devotion, dedication, faith and namasankeertanam that Vidhura and his wife had.

Enjoy the true and real happiness from this Krishnajayanti onwards by feeding the Supreme, beautiful, loving, cheerful Krishna with your own hands who would come running to you if you call Him with true love, thirst and sincerity.Radhekrishna!



Naalaayira Dhivyaprabandham

Ullam Urai Seyal Ulla Immoondraiyum Ullickeduththu Irai Ullil Odunge
[Thiruvaimozhi 2100(1-2-8)]

Seedhak kadaluL amuthanna dhEvaki
kOdhaik kuzhalaaL asOdhaikku pOththandha
pEdhaik kuzhavi pidiththuch chuvaiththu uNNum
paadhak kamalangaL kaaneerE ! pavaLa vaayeer vandhu kaaneerE !!
[Periyaazhvaar Thirumozhi 23/1000 - 4000]

DhEvaki, the woman like the nectar of cool ocean, gave a innocent baby to YashOdhaa who decorated her hair with bunches of flowers.That innocent baby who enjoys sucking his little lotus feet's big toe.Hey! ladies with coral like lips, come and see that innocent baby's beautiful lotus feet.

Radhekrishna!!! Wish you all a happy Sri Jayanthi and Janmaashtami.

Radhekrishna!!! this is the great song [paasuram] of Sri Periyaazhvaar.There are 20 paasurams in which Sri Periyaazhvaar describes Bagawan Sri Krishna's beauty starts from this paasuram. Sri Periyaazhwaar started paasuram with Bagawan Sri Krishna's feet and he finished with bagawan's curly hair.

The most beautiful thing in this universe is Bagawan Sri Krishna.Everyone has the right to enjoy Bagawan Sri Krishna.In this paasuram [song] Sri Periyaazhvaar became a gOpi and enjoyed the real fascinating beauty of our Lord Kichcha. He wanted everyone in this universe with gOpi bhaavam must enjoy this admirable beauty of Bagawan Sri Krishna. So he invites all jeevathmaas to enjoy the great evergreen beauty of Sri Krishna.In this paasuram Sri Periyaazhvaar expressed his inner respect towards DhEvaki and YashOdhaa.Yes! these two woman are really gifted to enjoy Kichcha in this universe.Salutations to these female role models who showed a perfect path to enjoy Kichcha as a son.

Radhekrishna!!! DhEvaki was like the nectar from the cool ocean.She suffered a lot and faced many problems to enjoy Bagawan Sri Krishna.But she never bothered for the problems and sufferings which was given by her brother Kamsa.That is the spirit which everyone must have.One must ready to face and sacrifice anything to get Bagawan Sri Krishna.DhEvaki lost her 7 babies before she gave birth to the omnipotent Bagawan Sri Krishna.She was imprisoned during her pregnancy.But her mind was totally immersed in bagawaan's namasankeerthanam.The sanaathana Hindu Dharma gives high importance to the mind only. Wherever one may live, our mind should be fixed with Bagawan Sri Krishna.

That's why DhEvaki never bothered about being in the jail during the pregnancy. Nowadays scientist's are telling that the mental attitude of parent affects the mentality of the baby. So, the parents are major responsible for the baby's life. Even though karma also playing a major role in baby's birth, parents are also equally responsible for that. DhEvaki never minded her surroundings and situations, she just did continuous chanting. She had totally surrendered herself to the lotus feet of Bagawan Sri Krishna.

In Naradha Bakthi Soothram, Sri Naradha Maharishi says the following sloka;

adhaa SarvaBhaavEna niSchinthai: BhagavaanEva Bhajaneeya:
(Naaradha Bhakthi soothram - 79)


Always, in every state one should always think of the Lord alone and nothing else!
In Tamil - eppozhudhum, ella nilaigalilum vEru chinthanai illaamal bagavaan orvanaiyE bajickavEndum

So you have to do continuous chanting without any thinking and worries about the surroundings and situations.That is the right way to enjoy bagawaan Sri Krishna. DhEvaki prayed continuously to bagawan for his Darshan and her prayer became reality on one fine midnight in Mathura in the prison.

Yes! Bagawaan Sri Krishna, gave dharshan to DhEvaki and VasudhEva on Ashtami thithi [8th day] in Avaani month.Bagawaan selected Rohini star for his birth in this universe.Bagawaan Sri Krishna gave his dharshan with 4 hands.In those 4 hands, bagawan had Sangu, Chakram, Gadhei and Padhmam. Bagawaan Sri Krishna's body was decorated with lots of jewels and garlands. DhEvaki and VasudhEva were surprised and astonished on seeing Kichcha's four hands form. They enjoyed his beauty and sang sthothraa's on Him.

For these reasons only, now we people are celebrate the Rohini star and Ashtami thithi in avaani [Tamil] month in which our Kichcha came to this universe to gave dharshan to his great devotees. Some people celebrate the birth star [Rohini].Some people celebrate the Ashtami Thithi [8th day]. There is no controversy in these celebrations.If you want, you can celebrate both the days with pooja and naamasankeerthanam.Why not? Nowadays we know that almost everybody celebrating two birthdays.If it is okay with ordinary human beings, why not for the omnipresent evergreen beautiful Bagawan Sri Krishna. There is nothing wrong in that. You are celebrating ashtami thithi or rohini star its not important. The most important thing is you must realize bagawaan Sri Krishna's sanctity with you.

After seeing bagawaan Sri Krishna's divine form DhEvaki prayed him to give dharshan like a normal human baby.Bagawaan accepted his devotee's prayer and changed his form to a beautiful black baby with chubby cheeks and with lotus like feet, hands and lips.DhEvaki and VasudhEvar totally forgot everything after seeing this black beauty.Radhekrishna! How great this couple were! Bagawaan Sri Krishna gave happiness to DhEvaki for sometime and then He left for gOkulam on the same night to gave happiness to the great gOpi YashOdhaa.

YashOdhaa, the real devotee with Krishna consciousness lived on the banks of Yamuna river. Her husband NandhagOpar also did equal bakthi with her, prayed continuously for Krishna's baala leelas.

Their strong and unconditional faith with bagawan made Kichcha arrive to gOkulam. You must have a bakthi [devotion] like this couple to have Bagawaan Sri Krishna at your place. If you have the thirst to see bagawaan Sri Krishna you can see him.But, you must be a sathsishyaa of a Sathguru.

All the villagers in nandhagOkulam came and saw the black baby with lotus like eyes and lips.They celebrated His arrival.They sang and danced.They celebrated that day in a very very grand manner.They poured milk and curd on each other. They threw butter with joy on one other! They enjoyed unlimited happiness just because of bagawaan Sri Krishna's birth.YashOdhaa and NandhagOpar got Krishna only in their old age. You can wait for so many years to get bagawaan Sri Krishna's dharshan. Radhekrishna!!!! Everyday passed by very happily for the nandhagokulam villagers with Kichchaa's child play.

One day they saw that Bagawan Sri Krishna had his toe in his mouth and was nicely enjoying sucking it. They were drowned in that posture of Bagawaan Sri Krishna and forgot themselves. Bagawaan Sri Krishna is omnipotent and omnipresent. There is no doubt at all in it.But, Bagawaan Sri Krishna wants to give happiness to his bakthaas as they wish for.So He behaved like a innocent baby [pEdhaik kuzhavi].Sri Periyaazhvaar got merged in this posture of Bagawaan Sri Krishna.This is the great pose of bagawaan Sri Krishna. The true devotee only can enjoy this undressed Kichcha's pose. Radhekrishnaa! Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna! Hare Krishna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sri Periyaazhvaar enjoyed Bagawan Sri Krishna's beauty inch by inch. With that same happiness, he invites all jeevaathmaas to enjoy this great pose of bagawaan Sri Krishna. He particularly tells to enjoy the lotus feet of our Kichcha payal. Radhekrishna!

kiccha payal

You all are cordially invited to come and attend this year's Sri Krishna jayanthi festival in Radhekrishna Sathsangam with our Poojya Shree Shree Amma to enjoy Bagawaan Sri Krishna like Dhevaki, VasudhEvar, YashOdhaa, NandhagOpar, Gopika's and great devotees.Radhekrishnaa!



An experience of a Shishyan (disciple) from Bombay, in his own words.


Jai Shree Poojyashree Shree Amma

Ammavin Thiruvadigale Saranam

To propogate Bhakthi Movement in the universe, Secured, Sacred, Spiritual journey of Radhekrishna Sathsangam was established by our Poojyashree Shree Amma of Chennai.

Guruparampara, a unique tradition is prevalent in our country whereby a Sathguru (He who enlightens from the darkness and takes all the responsibilities of the past, present and future births up to the Ultimate Moksha) blesses and grooms a disciple (Sathsishyan) as his successor, who in turn inculcates Bhakthi to his disciple and grooms a Sathsishyan. Though Guruparampara, a tradition unique in our country only in the entire universe, it is also unique that despite different culture, language food habits etc., Guruparampara is in vogue in all parts of the country whether Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh or any other state.

In pursuit of such tradition at the behest of Poojyashree Shree Amma's instructions, our Guruji Mahaan Brahmashri Gopalavallidasan is on the move to various parts of the country and is spreading Bhakthi |Movement by means of lectures, discourses Bhajans etc)

I was blessed by Poojyashree Shree Amma to attend one such discourses of Mahan Brahmashri Gopalavallidasan and has been taken in the wings of Guruji as a disciple (Sishyan).

Many of the disciples of our Sathsangam have experienced and realized Paramathma on various occasions and we share such experiences. I was also longing to realize Paramathma.

On 8th May 2004, my wife and self set for our pilgrimage tour to South and our Guruji was to accompany us from Chennai. It was a Saturday and the flight to Chennai was at 5.30p.m. We are living in Dombivli a suburb about 50 kms away from Bombay city. Saturday being half day the working hours is less and was poured with urgent work to attend and was very late in leaving the office. Since I was proceeding on leave for a fortnight and the assignments were urgent, was held up in the office and reached home only at 3.00p.m. Since we were staying in a far off suburb, local train was the only mode of commutation to city and we were waiting for a suburban train of 3.29 p.m. It was already late as we were to report at the airport at 4.30p.m. and self was restless.My wife told me to chant Lord's name and be calm. To our ill luck, train was late and arrived only at 3.45p.m. The journey in train would take half an hour and further journey of 40 minutes could reach us at the airport which means we would land up at the airport at about 5.00p.m. only.

I was so scared and restless and kept on murmuring and became nervous. We reached Kurla Railway Station at 4.15 p.m. and was tired and in great confusion. My wife repeatedly told me to chant Krishna, who is the only saviour on such occasions. Though, I was chanting the Lord's name as HE is the one to whom we should surrender, was just telling her that the journey period of 35 to 40 minutes by auto would not be shortened to 20 minutes and was sure that we will miss the flight.

We boarded the auto and I was chanting with closed eyes.At one stage of journey when I opened the eyes, the route was entirely new to me. I am living in Mumbai for the last 3 decades and have gone to airport from Kurla Railway Station many times but have never seen this route. What a surprise! We reached airport in just 20 minutes.His Leelas cannot be understood but only experienced by chanting namajapam. Yes, one can say that by doubling the speed, we can cover the distance in half the time of normal journey time. But the meter fare which normally shows Rs.45/- to Rs.50/- was showing only Rs.20/-. However, the meter was in working condition while the auto was in motion.

I was really realizing that Lord Krishna on surrendering and having unconditional faith can save us from any difficult situations and our journey period of 40 minutes was reduced to 20 minutes which I never thought can happen. When I narrated this to Guruji Amma, She told that the auto-driver was none other than Parthasarathy.I was also fortunate to realize Naamasankeertana Mahimai and Sathguru Kripai.

Poojyashree Shree Ammavin thiruvadigale saranam saranam saranam

An ever-grateful disciple of Gurujiamma from Bombay.....


Jai Shree Poojyashree Shree Amma.

Jai Shree Radhekrishna.



parithraanaaya sadhoonaam vinasaya cha dhushkrutham

dharma sansthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge

Bhagawan takes avatar in each and every yuga mainly to safeguard the bhaktas and then to destroy the rakshasaas who trouble his bhaktas.So Bhagawan came to this bhoomi from paramapadham just for the sake of his bhaktas. Hence we come to know that bhaktas are very very important to the Lord. Whenever Bhagawan comes to rescue his bhaktas the other fellow people also reap the benefits.........

Our guruji amma gives high respect to all the bhaktas.Hence our Vedhanadha's every issue will be dedicated to one bhakta.This issue we are dedicating to one of the most fortunate mother in this Universe namely 'Yashodha Maata'.

Yashoda Maata with Lord Sri Krishna

The foster mother of Bhagawan Sri Krishna and wife of Sri Nandagopar.

The blessed mother who was gifted with an opportunity to breast feed the Paramaathma, Lord Sri Krishna, who was in the form of her little son.

One of the greatest devotees amongst the Yadavas, who saw the entire universe inside the tiny beautiful mouth of her toddler son Sri Krishna.

The fortunate mother who used to bathe Lord Sri Krishna without even being aware of the fact that it would be accepted as abhishekam by Sri Krishna.

One of the best story tellers in the world from whom even Bhagawan Sri Krishna Himself used to be so eager to hear the stories with great interest and joy!

An ever-grateful Gopi who tied the creator of the this universe Himself to a pestle (ural in Tamil) with the rope of bhakti.

One of the most blessed and unique mother in this universe who was fortunate to hear the parabrahmam calling her 'Amma', though she had not given birth to Him.

The great devotee whose eyes were blessed to see her son holding the Govardhana Giri (mountain) on His little finger for safeguarding His devotees.



Poojyashree Shree Amma

The ultimate liberator bestowed by Lord Sri Krishna!

Simple, modest and down to earth!!



The disciples of Mumbai were blessed to hear the pravachan on Ramayanam from Mahan Brahmashri Gopalavallidasar for the entire Aadi month. Everyone were totally drowned and impressed on hearing the pravachan on Ramayanam. The message revealed through the pravachan were set in the minds and hearts of all those who heard the pravachan. On the concluding day Mahan Brahmashri Gopalavallidasar was honoured by all the committee members of the Ponnu Guruvayurappan Temple and by the honourable Chandrashekara Sharma. This pravachan on Ramayanam was an unforgettable event for everyone. This is the first time that Mahan Brahma Shri Gopalavallidasar who is a great Krishna Bhaktha had rendered his pravachan on Ramayanam and created an everlasting impact on everyone.

During the last four days in Mumbai, from 17th August to 20th August the satsang of Mahan Brahmashri Gopalavallidasar were arranged in the residence of his various disciples. With the sole intention of giving happiness to his disciples satsang were held both during the morning and evening hours. During this four days, the Mumbai disciples had an unique experience as the entire satsang hours were spent in doing namajapam only. This was an attempt by Mahan Brahmashri Gopalavallidasar to make each of his disciple to realize for themselves the real power of namajapam and understand the grace of Bhagawan Krishna. The disciples who attended the satsang did not do any meditation nor performed any yoga. Everyone were seated as per their convenience and were doing namajapam but still they could feel the sanctity of Bhagawan Krishna, stability in their minds and hearts, felt relieved from all their tensions, sorrows and sufferings and experienced the real happiness.

Mahan Brahmashri Gopalavallidasar left for Chennai on 20th of August to shower his mercy and blessings on his disciples in Chennai who were eagerly awaiting for his arrival.

Forthcoming Pravachanams by Poojyashree Shree Ammas Sishyar - Mahan Brahmashree Gopalavallidasan

The pravachan on Ramanujar Vaibhavam that was going on in the Raman Temple of Chennai is now being continued by Mahan Brahma Shri Gopalavallidasar - The perfect Sathguru to reveal the glory of the great Guruparampara of Swami Ramanujar and his disciples. The fortunate and blessed disciples of Chennai are enjoying every moment of this pravachan.Also every Saturday after the weekly bhajans, discourse on 'Sathguru Mahimei' is going on.

Forthcoming Events

Krishnajayanti celebrations - bhajans and namasankeertanam will also be held at the following places, so all are cordially requested to join at the convenient places if possible and seek the grace and blessings of Poojyashree Shree Amma and Lord Shree Krishna.

Radhekrishna Satsangam
Chandresh Apartments, Gandhi Nagar,
Dombivli East. Telephone : 0251-2821579

Sri.Rajesh's Residence
Richmond, USA

Sri. Sivakumar's Residence
Entebbe, Uganda, South Africa.


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