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|| Radhekrishna ||


Poojyashree Shree Amma's
Vedhanadham - the Sound For the Soul - October 2004

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Welcome to our 7th issue......Radhekrishna!



Blessings to one and all in the world.

Qualities of A Disciple (Sishya Latchanam)-

Radhekrishna! We have been telling about Guru Bhakthi. To do Guru Bhakthi, the disciple should be perfect.

Gopikas lived for Krishna only because of Guru Sishya Bhavam. Lord Krishna was the Guru and Arjuna was the sishyan.

Arjun never used to do anything without the consent of Krishna. But even Arjun forgot the way a sishyan should be in a situation in his life. He forgot Krishna when his brother Yudishtir asked him to play betting.

We often quote Govindan when we narrate Guru Sishya relationship. Govindan was a sishya of Sri Ramanujar. We are still surprised by the way Govindan lived with his Guru for his Guru. Instead of narrating on how Govindan was, let us see on how a sishya should be now.

We may say that there was no TV, Radio in those days and there was no need for marriage and hence the sishyas were able to live like that. Now people may say, they want a family life and hence get married but what will they attain by doing service to Guru.

There is a proverb 'Pin thoongi mun ezhuvaal pathini' in tamil which means a perfect wife will sleep late and get up early. We can make different meanings now, but the exact meaning of this is to finish the household activities, fullfill the needs of in-laws, children, feed the cows (there were cows in houses earlier), check if doors are locked properly. After finishing all the household chores, wife will also fullfill the needs of her husband as per his wishes and this is the meaning of 'Pin thoongi mun ezhuvaal pathini' in tamil. This is how a sishyan/shishyai should be.

Deva devi used to get up early in the morning, sprinkle water in front of house, decorate with kolams( like rangoli). She did all these irrespective of whether it is for good or not. If we discuss who is Deva Devi, there is a lot to narrate. This is to say how a sishya should be.

If we need to narrate qualities of sishya, sishya should not perform anything for self. A sishya should behave as per Guru's wishes. If one keeps a book in a place, the book will not move, run,hide, behave as per it's wishes. This is called behaving as per Guru's wishes.

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Sishya Lakshanam


Poojyashree Shree Amma

October 2004, Chennai



Bharatha Bhoomi is the holy land with so many bhaktas(devotees).When we go through the Indian history there must be a bhakta in every period.That is the greatness of this sacred land. Bhaktas are the role model for all the bonded souls. they enjoy their life in a perfect way.Bhaktas surrender themselves to the Lotus feet of Lord.By Hearing or reading bhaktas divine story, the bonded soul is enlightened to come out of the worldwide bondages.

Radhekrishna dear bakthas! After reading Srimathi Sakkubai's divine story, you must have realized that even in kaliyuga you can see and enjoy Lord Sri Krishna. Radhekrishna! That is the greatness of bhakti and Lord Sri Krishna. If you surrender yourself to a sathguru surely you will be eligible to realize Lord Sri Krishna in this kaliyuga, as this is a gifted yuga. In Srimath Bhaagawatham there are so many slokas that describes the mercy of Lord Sri Krishna particularly in kaliyuga. So wrong notions like people have to be perfect for doing bhakti have to be removed from ones mind. Generally, there is a wrong belief that a person with bad qualities cannot do bhakti or surrender himself to the Lotus feet of Lord Sri Krishna.

Many people want to realize bhakti and Lord. But, unfortunately they don’t know where to start and how to start. People are in dilemma about doing bhakti. They think that persons with good qualities are eligible or capable of doing bhakti. If somebody is perfect and good, where is the need to do bhakti? The purpose of bhakti is to come off from all bad qualities and to become a perfect man in his life. But some people think that they are the perfect one in this world. Because of this self-pride mentality, they ignore Sathguru and Lord Sri Krishna. This ignorance of theirs towards Sathguru and Lord Sri Krishna leads them to all sorts of sufferings. There is no one in this world perfect except Lord Sri Krishna. Each and every creature has its own good and bad qualities. So, it’s a common strategy in this world.

Even if you are a bad person or a good person, you are in search of happiness. Right! But, if you need happiness without frustration there is no other way than bhakti. By doing bhakti [true love] in Lord you can come out of your bad qualities very easily.

So many great devotees were bad in their childhood. Some great disciples were bad in their young age. But, they came out of all bad qualities very easily with the grace of Lord Sri Krishna. They have sung so many songs/bhajans about the mercy of Lord, which pulled them from their worst behaviours and bad qualities. We can see some people with good behaviour and attitude having ego. Because of this ego, they are not able to enjoy Lord Sri Krishna’s divine mercy towards them. Ego is a very dangerous quality in this world. But some people with bad qualities are submissive due to their guilty feeling in them. They really want to come out of their bad qualities. Unfortunately, they don’t know the way to come out of it. They know they are bad in their attitude and behaviours. They are in search of some good person to help them in getting rid of their bad behaviours. So they can acquire a Sathguru very easily. They are ready to do anything to come out from their guilty feelings. So it’s very easy for a Sathguru to change a person with bad behaviour. Since, they will follow the words of the Sathguru as it is. Those who are ready to follow Sathguru’s words will see Lord very easily.

So, don’t worry about the bad qualities and bad behaviours which keep disturbing you for a long period. Just surrender yourself to the Lotus feet of Lord Sri Krishna. Anyone can come out of his/her bad qualities within a moment by having unconditional faith towards Lord and His name. Let us enjoy the divine grace of Lord Sri Krishna in this kaliyuga towards a great bakthaa.

Bharatha bhoomi (India) is a land of sanctity. If you really want to enjoy the Lord’s sanctity then Bharatha bhoomi is a perfect place. You go to any part of India, you can feel the sanctity of Lord. That is the greatness of India.

This is the truth told by two Frenchmen whom I had met in Haridwar. I had been to Rishikesh and Haridwar for pilgrimage two years before. There on the banks of the holy river Ganga, I met two Frenchmen. They really enjoyed the sanctity and holiness of river Ganga. I really admired their attitude. They had dressed like an Indian priest. They were really proud to dress like that.

I asked one Frenchman “What is your name”? He replied politely “Sri Chaithanya Doss”. Then I asked “Why did you came to India?” he replied proudly, “I like India”. I really enjoyed his answer. But I wanted to hear my India’s greatness from a foreign nationality. So, I laughed at him and asked “Why did you like India? So many people here are telling that this country is a poverty struck country. So many Indians are telling that there is no scope for a comfortable living in this land. Which concept induced you to come to this poverty struck land?”

He saw me with a smile and replied calmly “Hinduism”. I was really admired by his answer. Then I asked him “There are so many Gods in this Hinduism. There are so many rituals here. This religion doesn’t have the opportunity to realize the God. Many people tell that Hindu Gods are having arms in their hands. These are the mentality of so many people in this land. But, you are telling that you like Hinduism. What is the reason behind your answer?” I really had an urge in my mind to hear his answer about our great Hinduism.

He replied with tears “No. Their opinion is really a wrong one. This Hinduism is the oldest religion in this world. Nobody knows exactly when this Hinduism was born. This Hinduism really educates the people in spirituality and gives an opportunity to all who want to enjoy the Lord. Only in this Hinduism there is a continuous guru parampara. Nobody knows the exact count of mahatmas who lived here. Still, even in this fast, mechanical, hi-tech world so many mahathmas are living here. I have gone to so many countries. But I never felt the sanctity of God other than India. You people are really fortunate to be born in this holy land and in this sacred Hinduism.”

Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna! Do you want any more explanation for this great India and sacred Hinduism? Bharatha bhoomi is the land of spiritual powers and sacred saints.

In this holy land there are so many pilgrim centres. Of those, 108 divya desam’s are really great according to Sri Vaishnavism. Of those 108 divya desams, 106 are in this earth. The last two are Ksheerapthi (thiruppaarkkadal (milky ocean)) and Paramapadam (Sri Vaikuntam). They are not in this earth. Each and every divya desam has a different story. But in all the divya desams the deity is Lord Sriman Narayanan who is none other than our Lord Krishna. (Kichcha thane Narayanan endru nammudaiya Aandal thirupaavaiyil solli irukal!)

Some divya desams are in Andhra Pradesh. Some of them are in Tamil Nadu. Some of them are in North India. Some of them are in Kerala. The Bhakthaa whom we are going to enjoy in the coming months was born in a divya desam.

Really eager to know which divya desam our bakthaa belongs to? Are you really anxious to know his name and his divine story? Just wait till next month! Till then just enjoy the greatness of Hinduism and sacred India! Radhekrishna! Do more and more chanting. Jai hind!




Poojyashree Shree Amma and Mahaan Brahmashree Gopalavallidasan - Ammavin Thiruvadigale Sharanam!

Radhekrishna! Dear Bakthas! the Bhagawath Geetha is the divine nectar. It doesn’t have expiry date. This is a no side-effect remedy for all your sufferings and sorrows. It’s a great medicine prepared by the best doctor Sri Krishna for all the jeevathmaas in this universe. Everyone has the right to use this divine nectar for a sacred, secured & spiritual unlimited happiness in this present life. No doubt, at the same time, it will give you a wonderful life aHead.

Almost all the great spiritual masters of various religions accepted Srimath Bhagawath Geetha, as an evergreen-book with unique solutions for all sorts of sufferings.

Yes! It’s a fact! That is the greatness of our Bhagawath Geetha. It answers all our questions. Whoever or whatever we are, Srimath Bhagawath Geetha will guide us to attain ultimate happiness in our life.

One question always strikes our mind! How is that possible? the ultimate aim of Srimath Bhagawath Geetha is, to give happiness to all people. Because, it was told by Lord Sri Krishna whose wish is, to give liberation (moksha) to everyone in this universe.

there is a wonderful sloka, that describes the true quality of Srimath Bhagawath Geetha. the sloka is as follows:

Sarva upanishadhO gaavO DhOgdha gopaala nandhana:
PaarthO Vathsa:
SudhirbhOkthaa dhugdham Geethamrutham mahath.

In this sloka, all the Upanishads were described as cows. Lord Sri Krishna is a cowboy, who knows how to get the milk from all kinds of cows. If a cowboy wants to extract milk from a cow, then He should have a calf, before the cow. Here, Arjuna is the calf.

Lord Sri Krishna is the best shepherd in this world. Upanishads are great cows. these are having plenty of milk known as wisdom (Gnyanam). The best shepherd only knows, how to extract the milk from the cows without disturbing them. Lord Sri Krishna extracted the milk from Upanishads and gave it to Arjuna. He gave it in “Dwapara Yuga” (means 5000 years prior to this “Kali Yuga”, where we are living) but, still the milk is ever fresh & ready to drink.

We have to drink as it is! That’s all. So, don’t Hesitate to drink the divine milk given by Lord Sri Krishna.

Radhekrishna! How merciful our Kichcha is! You must enjoy His divine grace every minute in your life. Enjoy it! This is your birthright! Isn’t it?

Radhekrishna! From the past two months, you can easily realize what Lord Sri Krishna expects from you. So many great devotees fulfilled what He expected from them.

Do we not want to be the one among them?

Do we not want to see the happiness in your Kichcha’s face?

Do we not have the thirst of unlimited happiness?

All are craving for this. With Kichcha’s grace & Gurujiamma’s blessings, if one has an unconditional faith in ones Guru & Lord, then one day or the other He/she will be the best among the bakthaas. Radhekrishna!

Lord Sri Krishna told, “What you offer is not important but, the way you offer is important." This means, what you give may be a flower, a fruit or some water, it should be given with true love. That is what is very important.

In the next sloka, Lord gives simple way of offerings.

Nowadays, everybody tells that they do not have enough time to do poojas & other traditional activities. Yet, so many people want to do pooja, unfortunately they don’t have time at all. Lord Sri Krishna says a very simple and unique way of doing pooja without disturbing your personal & mechanical life. Yes! He gives us a superb, easy method of doing pooja.

Don’t worry about what others say. Let them say anything. Just follow the simple instructions of Lord Sri Krishna and get rid of all idiotic mental physical fortunes in the spiritual life.

Radhekrishna! You may have developed a feeling by now that a very lengthy introduction has been given for this Sloka. Yes! It's necessary. At least 1000 pages of introduction needs to be given for this particular sloka recited by our Lord, since this sloka contains something that relieves you from all unwanted rituals. The sloka is :

YathkarOshi yadhashnaasi YajjuhOshi dhadhaasi Yath!
Yaththapasyasi Kountheya! Thathkurushva madharpanam!

In this sloka, Lord Sri Krishna called Arjuna as Kauntheya. “Kauntheya” means son of Kunthi. Kunthi was a great Devotee of Lord Sri Krishna. Her devotion to the Lord was simply great. Such devotion only induced Arjuna to surrender to the lotus feet of Lord Sri Krishna. Salutations to the great Mother Kunthi, who brought up her child in the perfect way.

This is how a mother should bring up ones child. If all the mothers akin to this, then there is no need for old age homes. Elders are fully responsible for the old age homes in the recent times.

Lord Sri Krishna accepted the true love of Arjuna and He gave all the liberty to him to enjoy the real happiness since he was Kunthi’s son & a great devotee too.

Kauntheya (Arjuna) was ready to do anything according to the wish of Lord Sri Krishna and Lord told him all the simple possible methods of enjoying happiness without sacrificing anything. Yes! there is no need at all to sacrifice every thing you have! the rule you have to acquire is to follow Lord Sri Krishna’s words as it is.

Meaning of the sloka:

Kauntheya! Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever sacrifices you perform, whatever the penance you practice just dedicate them to me.


Almost daily, one has to perform many activities. One has to do all sorts of work. Yet, one is not able to enjoy the complete and true happiness. Why?

Daily, one has different varieties of food. Is the full happiness being enjoyed during eating? If not, what is the reason?

Everyone is performing variety of sacrifices everyday. Are they enjoying any benefits out of the sacrifices made?

Almost everyone is doing charity. Are they getting any kind of satisfaction & do they enjoy the perfect happiness in their life?

Nowadays everyone keeps on telling that they are doing meditation. Are they able to understand how to be happy during tough times?

What are the reasons behind these questions?

Only one answer for all these questions is “these activities are not performed for the Lord". Yes! This is the one & only reason behind all the sufferings, even after doing all the duty one is destined to.

To be continued…



Naalaayira Dhivyaprabandham

"sirandhaarcku ezhu thunaiyaam senganmaal naamam
marandhaarai maanidamaa vaiyom aramthaangum
maadhavane ennum manam padaiththu
mattravan per Othuvathe naavinaal uLLu."

{irandaam thiruvandhaathi [2225]}


The name of Lord Sri Krishna whose eyes are like Lotus flower is the support for the devotees. Hey mind! just fix your aim on Lord, who is the caretaker of dharma and have the interest in chanting his name continuously.


Radhekrishna Bhaktas! Just relax yourself. Don’t be in a hurry. You must have patience in reading this article. Nothing will go wrong in your life while you are reading this message of relaxation to your life. This great song was narrated by Sri Bhoodhaththaazhwaar. You will gain so many great things in your life by reading this song and it’s meaning sincerely. Sincerely means, you must get the extract of this message and have to apply it in your daily life. Then only the purpose of writing the explanation of this pasuram will be fulfilled.

Those who are listening to the words of great people [devotees] they will gain everything in their life. Yes! It is the truth. 5 year old Dhuruvaa listened to Sri Naaradha Maharishi’s words very sincerely. So he attained higher spiritual place in his life.

Andal listened sincerely to her guru Sri Periyaazhwaar. That’s why she got married with Lord Ranganaathan of Srirangam.

Meera merged with Lord Dwaarakadheesh in this kaliyuga only because of her sincerity in listening to her guru's words.

I can give thousands of examples who acquired prosperity in their lives by listening to the words of bakthaas. But we need thousands of lifetimes.

Patience is the basic need of every individual.

In this paasuram [song] Sri Bhoothathaazhwaar describes the power of bhagawan-naamaa.

So many people think that their wealth is the support for them. Some people think that their qualification is the support for them. Some people think that their position in their office is the support for them.

Some people think that their friends and relatives are the support for them. Some people think that their beauty is the support for them. Some people think that their ideas are the support for them. Some people think that, all these are the support for them. But we have to think about one thing. Do these things give us support at all times without failure? Think about this question. You have to think. This is the time for you to think because you are having a boon called human life. So don’t hesitate to think about this question.

Let us see some examples related to these questions:

1. We know so many flights were hijacked in the past. So many people who travelled in some of the flights which were hijacked had lost their lives. The people who flew in those flights had enough money. Some of them were well qualified. Some of them were really beautiful. Some of them had the best relatives and friends. Some of them were in the best position. Did their support [above mentioned] rescue them?

2. We know that in one night the whole Gujarat was destroyed by an earthquake. In that earth quake, so many millionaires became poppers on that night. Did their money rescue them from sufferings?

3. We know the world trade centre was demolished within 10 minutes by terrorists. So many people died. Some of the people who died in that threatening attack were well qualified. Some of them were big businessmen. Some of them were really brilliant. Some of them were settled in their offices. Did any of these support rescue them from this atrocity?

You may think that I am giving negative examples to confuse you. No really not. that's not my job. I just want to tell you the real happenings of the world and the way you must approach. Don’t see the happenings as it is. Try to get the message out of it. Everybody is seeing the headlines and discussing about the events. Whether you are accepting it or not, the facts are facts. You can comment on it. But what is the use? What you have to do? You just think about that. It may happen to us also at anytime, if we continuously have beliefs in the above mentioned supports. No one should suffer. I am just discussing with you about the facts which tortures your mind daily. Now, you might have come to a conclusion that the above mentioned supports will come up to a saturation point. But beyond that point who will rescue us.

Don’t get frightened. There is a way. It is the foolproof method. Anyone can utilize that method. Everybody has the right to use that great simple method. So many people tell that in kaliyuga, Lord is giving so many troubles to the people. They don’t know the real mercy of Lord Sri Krishna. Yes, Lord's mercy is very great in this kaliyuga. There is a very simple superb method to get rid from all sorts of sufferings and troubles. We have to follow them. That’s all.

That great method and support is Chanting. Yes, the only rescue at all times is Lord's Name.

to be continued...



An experience of a Shishyan (disciple) from US, in his own words.

Jay Shree Poojya Shree Shree Amma
Jay Shree Radhekrishna SathSangam
Jay Shree Radhekrishna

I start this write-up with my pranams to Poojya Shree Shree Amma and invoke Her blessings to finish this write-up.

I am one of the fortunate souls to have a close association with Amma. I was as normal as any other person with anxieties, worries, fears etc. I resigned my marketing job and was desperate to get into software. I used to go to Amma's place quite frequently when I did my course in CBSI (now Covansys). That is when Amma started teaching me the importance of NamaJapam and celebrating Krishna. I was so happy during that period in spite of heavy work and desperation of getting a job. We used to sing bhajans with Amma and do satsangam which made us so happy.

Normally CBSI offers a job for all the students who took the course but they did not do so in my batch. Everyone was tensed but I remained confident because of Amma.

During the end of my course, CBSI arranged for a campus interview in Hyderabad. I took the blessings of Amma and Amma said 'You will get what u want'. Out of 60-75 people who took the test, 10 people were short listed for the interview. I answered almost all the questions but I was not confident on one question. I answered it by grace of Amma and I later realized that one question got me the job. I am sure it happened only by the grace of Amma. I am not able to express these in words.

I started my software life in Hyd. As it happens for many people, I started to lead a normal life without paying much attention to NamaJapam. But Amma never let me go. Whenever I used to visit Amma, Amma used to insist upon me the importance of NamaJapam. I was not an obedient student and so I avoided seeing Amma sometimes. But Amma never let me go. This is the karunai of Amma.

I got married to Sripriya who did not even know what Namajapam is. She was a very normal person with lot of Vasanas. By grace of Amma, we both are now doing sincere GuruDyanam and Namajapam and leading a happy life. Amma has helped us in understanding each other when we used to fight a lot. Everyone in wife's family is surprised by the change in my wife's attitude and her involvement in bhakthi.

My wife delivered a female baby and it was a normal delivery against the expectations of need for operation. The doctors were surprised on my wife getting delivery pain so early and the delivery was performed by a junior doctor. My wife herself was surprised and happy on shouting 'KRISHNA' during labor pain. We wish our daughter to be instrumental in spreading the message of Amma.

I landed in USA in April 2003 with lot of fears as the market was not so good and I had to find a job within a short period. I could not get past my first interview because of my overconfidence and not doing GuruDyanam properly. the next interview was arranged on a Wednesday. I called Amma and got Her blessings. As I was preparing for this interview, I got a news that there will be another interview on Tuesday. I did not apply for that position thinking that my skill sets did not match. By grace of Amma, my resume went to the client manager and they wanted me to interview me. I did sincere GuruDyanam and took blessings from Amma the morning of interview. the interview just lasted for 10 minutes. Amma used to tell me 'You will only get questions for which you know the answer' and that's what happened. To add to this, the client manager immediately announced by selection. This was the client I wanted to get and I got it by krupai of Amma. To boost my confidence Amma also made me clear then interview on Wednesday.

I should frankly accept that I started doing sincere GuruDyanam and Namajapam only after coming to USA and it looks like Amma has sent me to USA for this purpose.

We are now happy proud members of Radhekrishna Satsangam living under the guidance and blessings of Poojya Shree Shree Amma. Even though we are very far, we feel Amma's presence with us. We are having weekly satnsangam with Amma over phone. We do bhajans every week and celebreated Krihna Jayanthi in a way Amma wanted us to celebrate with bhakthi.

We invoke the blessings of Amma to give us more and more GuruDyanam and catch us like a Mother Cat catches the kittens. With Amma's blessings we are in the process of spreading our Sangam news in USA. Whatever we do, we cannot pay back for what Amma has given to us. We are also deeply indebted to our Periappa (husband of Amma) who has taken so much care for us. He is so caring for us in guiding us to live a healthier life both physically and mentally. Our sincere pranams to periappa.


Poojyashree Shree Ammavin thiruvadigale saranam saranam saranam

An ever-grateful disciple of Gurujiamma from Bombay.....

Rajesh Srinivasan, U.S.A.

Jai Shree Poojyashree Shree Amma.

Jai Shree Radhekrishna.



parithraanaaya sadhoonaam vinasaya cha dhushkrutham

dharma sansthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge

Bhagawan takes avatar in each and every yuga mainly to safeguard the bhaktas and then to destroy the rakshasaas who trouble his bhaktas.So Bhagawan came to this bhoomi from paramapadham just for the sake of his bhaktas. Hence we come to know that bhaktas are very very important to the Lord. Whenever Bhagawan comes to rescue his bhaktas the other fellow people also reap the benefits.........

Our guruji amma gives high respect to all the bhaktas.Hence our Vedhanadha's every issue will be dedicated to one bhakta.This issue we are dedicating to one of the great Kaliyuga Gopi in this Universe namely 'Meera'.

Kaliyuga Gopi Meera

1. The humble disciple of Mahathma Sri Raidas.

2. The Kaliyuga Gopi of Lord Giridhara Gopal.

3. The Queen of Kumbaji Maharana of Mewar.

4. The incarnation of Gopi Sambagawalli.

5. The humble devotee, who behaved like a maid servant to Lord Sri Krishna, eventhough she was a queen.

6. The optimistic devotee who drunk and digested poisonous milk which was given by her husband's sister Oodha.

7. The perfect disciple, who showed the right path of namasankeethan in this kaliyuga to many people.

8. The bravest woman, who accept all the tough situations of life as Lord Sri Krishna's mischievious play.

9. The perfect woman, who accept Lord Sri Krishna as her lover and care taker.

10. The great sacrificer, who sacrificed everything to enjoy Lord Sri Krishna in Brindavan.

11. The pride of Indian women, who proved the power of true love and namasankeerthan of Lord by merged with the deity Dwarakadeesh in Dwaraka in this Kaliyuga.



Poojyashree Shree Amma

The ultimate liberator bestowed by Lord Sri Krishna!

Simple, modest and down to earth!!



Janmasjtami Celebrations - September 5th 2004

Janmashtami was celebrated grandly by all the disciples at Chennai, Dombivli, Coimbatore South Africa and America.Few of the celebration snaps for us all to cherish!

Poojyashree Shree Amma's Residence


Radhekrishna Satsangam


Sri.Rajesh's Residence

United States Of America.

Sri. Sivakumar's Residence

Entebbe, Uganda, South Africa.

On 21st September 2004, Radhashtami was also celebrated at Dombivli Radhekrishnakrishna Satsangam and bhajans were conducted


Forthcoming Pravachanams by Poojyashree Shree Ammas Sishyar - Mahan Brahmashree Gopalavallidasan

Sathsang Programmes on Sri Ramanujar Vaibhavam is carried out daily at

Sri Dhanushkodi Kothandaramar Temple, Chrompet


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