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Dear Liberation Seeking Souls!

Here is the sweetest and the long awaited message for you. The purpose of human life is to enjoy the real happiness. What is the exact meaning of 'Real Happiness'?

Real happiness means no confusions, no doubts and no fear during the lifetime and even after the death.

God has gifted this human body to attain something worthful in this earth during the lifetime. But unfortunately almost 99% of the human beings are unable to enjoy the real happiness. Why? What is the reason?

This is purely because of their negative mental attitude and dreaming towards life & happiness. Almost everybody on this earth is in the dream world (MAYA). Throughout the day, one is in most of the times in the dream world. (Swapna i.e.Dream)

They are not in the real world. They are not seeing the real happiness in the life. That's why almost everybody is in a dull and gloomy world or otherwise in an improper happy world.

Everyone has tremendous power in themselves. How is it possible? Because everyone is a Jeevathma (bonded soul) and inside every jeevathma there is a Paramaathma (omnipotent, omnipresent Lord) hence the power in all jeevathma is beyond something great!! In our life, we utilize nearly maybe upto 1% of our capacity for doing our duties in life to secure wordly things. This is more than enough to fulfill our worldly needs. Then what about the remaining 99% of our capacity? Why is it not used? What is the way to utilize it fully? What benefits we can get out of that remaining 99% capacity?

The remaining 99% of our mind capacity lies idly without channelizing the mind in an accurate way.

It is not used only when one has not met a true Mahathma (Enlightened Soul) / Sadguru.

The way to utilize the balance 99% capacity of our mind is by surrendering ourselves to a Great Mahathma & follow the preachings.

Who is a Mahathma or a Sathguru?? (The perfect Teacher)

One who enlightens us is a Mahathma.

One who destroys our ego is a Mahathma.

One who gives us faith in life is a Mahathma.

One who helps us realize ourselves is a Mahathma.

One who teaches us the real meaning of life is a Mahathma.

One who pulls us out from the improper path is a Mahathma.

One who guides us to reach the supreme bliss, i.e. the Lord is a Mahathma.

One who shows us the right path to enjoy the real happiness is a Mahathma.

One who takes us to a higher spiritual way and enable us to enjoy the real Lord is a Mahathma.

One who puts a fullstop to our illusions and confusions about God and spiritualism is a Mahathma.

Have you ever met a Mahathma like this in your present life?

Our answer might be 'DONT KNOW'. It is very difficult to judge a real Mahatma. We have been lucky enough to find one such Mahathma in our lifetime. As life is too short, we would like to help the needy people (souls) seeking liberation so that they dont have to waste their precious human life in searching for a true spiritual Guru.

If you too are desirous to meet such a Mahathma, please feel free to come and meet our H.H.Sathguru Shree Poojyashree Shree Amma

Poojyashree Shree Amma


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