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Poojyashree Shree Amma's
Vedhanadham - The Sound For The Soul - August 2004

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Welcome to our 5th issue....Radhekrishna!



Blessings to one and all in the world.

Do you want to know the great words (sloka) of a five year old child who was a satshisya of a great sathguru? the great sathguru of this child was none other than Naaradha Maharishi.The child who told the sloka was Prahladha.The sloka is as follows:

Shravanam keerthanam vishno: Smaranam Paadhasevanam
Archanam Vandhanam Dhaasyam Sackyam Aaathma NivEdhanam (24)

In this sloka Prahladha has stressed on Shravanam first. Shravanam means listening to the Kalyana Gunangal and divine stories of Bhagawan. Prahladha has ended this sloka with the word Aaathma NivEdhanam. One will understand the Mahimai of Bhagawan only if one listens to His divine stories. Only on hearing His stories one would understand the gunangal (qualities) of Bhagawan and a desire to dedicate their souls (Aaathma NivEdhanam) would arouse in each one.

In Bhagavadam, Sukhabrahma Maharishi says that only after listening to the Kalyana Gunangal of Bhagawan Krishna, Rukmini made up her mind that she would marry none other than Krishna. Similarly Aandal also decided that she would marry only Sri Rangan of Srirangam only after she was told about his gunangal by her Sathguru Periya Aazhwar. Meera was also no exception to this. She lost herself in the bhakti of Giridhara Gopal only after hearing about his gunangal from her sathguru Raidas.

It is always good if you avoid hearing and keep yourselves away from unwanted things and unnecessary matters. The best thing that one should do is to keep themselves engaged in hearing about the Kalyana Gunangal of Bhagawan.

Some of the great qualities of Bhagawan are Gyanam, Balam, Veeryam, Thejas, Saulabyam, Sowsheelyam. Vishnu Sahashranamam also brings to light and describes various divine and great qualities of Bhagawan.

At the time of churning the Thiruppaarkadal, Goddess Mahalakshmi emerged from it.Samudra Rajan, who was her father handed over a garland to her and she was asked to select anyone as her husband. Mahalakshmi slowly moved ahead with the garland and one by one she looked at everyone who were present over there. She could find the good qualities but along with that she also noticed the flaws present in them. But atlast when Mahalakshmi came and stood in front of Bhagawan she found that he had nothing except the great qualities only.Such are the great qualities of our Bhagawan which impressed the Goddess herself.

Varieties of qualities of Bhagawan was enjoyed by various bhaktas. When you are hearing the qualities of Bhagawan you will be released from your Raajasam and Thaamasam qualities. When one is released from Raajasam and Thaamasam qualities then automatically Saatveekam quality will come in you. If you remain with the Saatveekam quality then you would come closer to Bhagawan very easily.

So don't waste your time anymore. Surrender yourself to the Bhagawan. Listen to the great qualities of Bhagawan. Come out of your sorrows and sufferings. Become a bhakthaa of Bhagawan Sri Krishna.Radhekrishna!!!!

Poojyashri Shri Amma

August 2004, Chennai





Bharatha Bhoomi is the holy land with so many bhaktas(devotees).When we go through the Indian history there must be a bhakta in every period.That is the greatness of this sacred land. Bhaktas are the role model for all the bonded souls. They enjoy their life in a perfect way.Bhaktas surrender themselves to the Lotus feet of Bhagawan.By hearing or reading bhaktas divine story, the bonded soul is enlightened to come out of the worldwide bondages.

The time has arrived to fulfill your thirst of thinking from the last month that which place the bhaktas would have told Sakhubai, its none other than the divine land of Bhagawan Vitthal standing for the past many years only for his bhaktas i.e. Pandharpur.

Pundaleek Saarkha Bhakta Naahi
Pandhari Saarkha Kshethra Naahi
Vitthoba Saarkha Dev Naahi.


There is no other bhakta like Pundaleek, there is no other Kshethra (divine place) like Pandharpur, there is no other Lord like Vitthoba (Bhagawan Sri Vitthal).

Pandharpur, her eyes sparkled and tears started rolling off, her soul itself was crying of joy. She was at the very ultimate peak of happiness when the bhaktas told Sakhubai that they were going to Pandharpur.This showed how eagerly she was awaiting for the darshan of Bhagawan Sri Vitthal.She then asked the bhaktas whether she could also join the troop, the bhaktas being very surprised to see such a bhaktai (female devotee) in this Kaliyuga folded their hands and replied, you may surely come, but before that consult and seek your husband's permission.She heard that and just ran out of joy thinking of the same previous moment that she will be going to Pandharpur.

The very same moment she was at the depth of inner happiness and eagerness that she will be touching Bhagawan Sri Vitthal's lotus feet, she will be submerged in His large lotus eyes which is full of mercy (which will become the feast for her eyes); thinking itself made her feel that a soft lightening passed through her body, tears of extreme devotion flowed continuously and she entered the house with the same hangover.

She keenly noticed the mood of every person, politely told to her husband, "Today I met a large group of bhaktas going to Pandharpur. I am very excited to have seen them. I want to go with them and have the darshan of Bhagawan Vitthal".As soon as she said that her husband's face became red with anger and immediately he said "No!". She requested, "if you give the permission to go with them, I will just have one darshan of Bhagawan Sri Vitthal", she begged politely, "Atleast one darshan, I will never ask you anything else. Even will not ask to have His darshan once again. But please allow me to go only this once." Her husband said, "This is the last time, I am telling you, be here, there is no other need." But she adamantly repeated the same that she wanted to go to Pandharpur atleast once. Seeing her adamance, he slapped her and she fell down.

He then asked "How dare you ask me that you want to go to Pandharpur? Do you feel I'm mad? Don't show your untrue bhakti, I know you might be having some secret lover over there, don't try to act in front of me." Her mother-in-law, too, started shouting "Be in the limit of what you are, don't try to cross it, just remain here and do the household work." As soon as she finished, her husband shouted, "It is always said from the past that husband himself is Lord to his wife, there is no other thing needed. I am providing you with food, clothing and everything that you need. If you are so eager to see Bhagawan Sri Vitthal, think me as your Lord and do all the chores properly."

Sakhubai's thirst and bhakti for Bhagawan Sri Vitthal was so intense and limitless, but none of them could understand her extreme thirst.Instead she was stern in her belief that Bhagawan Sri Vitthal alone knows it.This is the mentality of common people, they think that they give everything to others but they don't even think for a moment that whatever they have is given to them by the Supreme power (bhagawan). Even though the fruit after performing the job is given by Him they think that they are the only one responsible for the fruitful result. The word "Purushan" itself belongs only to Bhagawan Sri Krishna as when looked upon jeevaathmas all are female and the only one Purushotthaman (the only male) is Bhagawan Sri Krishna.

She just remained silent for all such scolding, her tears started rolling off not for having scolded by them but for she would be able to see Bhagawan.Being silent for such a long time she asked again very politely, "I will not be asking you anything more than this, even not again His darshan, I promise you but this time if you just say Yes, my happiness will have no bounds. I will be your servant forever." But there was no response. She said, "if you are not ready to send me alone, you too come with me, we both will go to that divine place and seek Lord's blessings." Immediately her husband replied "I will not come to any divine place, those who have committed sins should only go to divine places to atone for their sins and I am not a sinful person. I have more bhakti than you." Sakhubai replied, "People think that they have bhakti but people are not capable to judge it, the only one who can judge it is Sathguru and bhagawan. As they only know who have true bhakti and love for Bhagawan." Hearing this her mother-in-law slapped her and said, "Do you think we are fools speaking patiently to you?" Just listen to what we say, otherwise get lost and never show your face again. She once again begged, but her husband rose in anger, just dragged her hair and put her inside a dark room, tied her to a pillar. She became wounded after having beaten by both of them.

She cried and cried just repeating the same adamantly but they turned deaf ears to her pleadings. She cried "O! Vitthal I accept that I am not so capable (not a great devotee) but I don't know anything, just I know one thing is that I want to see and experience you, please help me. Please shower your blessings, Vitthal, Vitthal......", she kept on chanting and became unconscious. This is how everyone must have the extreme thirst to experience Bhagawan as fast as possible.In Thiruvaaimozhi Swami Nammaazhwaar says,

"Minnin Nilayila Mannuyir Ackaigal."


The way lightening appears in the sky for a second and disappears; in the same way life is as short as the lightening and no one can even imagine at which fraction of second life will come to an end.So don't waste your time anymore in materialistic things.

After a short time a women with a radiance, eyes filled with mercy, saw her from the back window of the dark room and came there.She called Sakhubai and she opened her eyes and looked at that women whose eyes were filled with mercy, she released her knot and asked the reason for what she had been tied? Sakhubai explained everything and then the women asked, "Are you really so eager to see Bhagawan Pandurang?" for which Sakhubai happily and eagerly replied 'Yes, I don't want anything else in this world.'

The women said "Your willing is very true. Vitthal is really the only one who will attract you as soon as you see Him. His beauty will make you go mad. Many bhaktaas have experienced it. His beautiful, soft Lotus feet, His long hands, His lotus like big beautiful eyes, his lotus like beautiful lips, His very chubby red cheeks will really make you mad."

These words made Sakhubai even more eager and determined to see Bhagawan Vitthal. The women said 'I look alike you, so I'll replace you and manage everything, you just go without any thoughts, except the thought of Bhagawan Pandurang." Sakhubai's heart blossomed once again, but then she said, "it will not be right to leave you here, why you should face difficulties for me?" The women said, "No not at all. I have come here only to help you and no one can identify me. Go fast and have the darshan of that divine Sri Vitthoba."

On hearing these loving words of that woman, Sakhubai felt very peaceful and tied that woman in place of her. She ran in such a speed and eagerness as how a calf runs speedily with eagerness to drink the milk from its mother. On the way, she again met the same troop whom she had met before. The bhaktas seeing her thirst and bhakti for Vitthal understood and were amazed that as Yashoda and Sahadeva tied Krishna, Sakhubai has tied the same way Bhagawan Pandurang because of her intense bhakti.They were surprised to see such a deep love, faith, eagerness, and thirst for Bhagawan Sri Vitthal.She whispered in her mind, "O! Vitthala!! Panduranga! Vitthoba! Pandarinatha! What a great mercy of yours.It really has no bounds!!"

Chanting continuously they all reached Pandharpur. She looked at the Chandrabaaga river, she could not believe herself, and it was impossible for her to control her tears of happiness. It was very hard to believe that she has been to a place where many great bhaktas have taken a bath in that holy river. She took a bath in that holy river chanting Krishna, Vitthala, Pandarinathaa, Paanduranga, Vitthobaa, Rakhumaipati, Keshava and Vaikunta.Thinking that she has come to this divine place made her shiver out of joy. The first step she placed over there, her soul attained such a peace that she ran inside very eagerly to see Him. As soon as she saw Him she was stunned, she screamed with extreme happiness, "Vitthal, Vitthal..." and went towards Him. She touched His lotus feet, His hands, His face, looked at His merciful eyes, again and again she touched Him from feet to head and head to feet. It was unbelievable for her that she was able to touch Him. She was at the extreme end of immense love looking at His beauty.

Madhuram Madhuram Vapurasya Vibho:
Madhuram Madhuram Vadhanam Madhuram
Madhugandhi Mrudusmitha Methadaho
Madhuram Madhuram Madhuram Madhuram.

(Sri Leelasugar's Sree Krishnakarnaamrutham 1.91)


The body of Sri Krishna is very beautiful. His face is always accompanied by a sweet smile (sweeter than honey, a sweetness which cannot be compared). Krishna is the most beautiful; the only thing we can say is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and beautiful. None of them could define His beauty.

This is how Sakhubai drank the beauty of Pandurang. She then started serving for Bhagawan Himself. She forgot herself and everything in His service, such was her devotion towards Him.

Here in Sakhubai's village, after somedays her husband opened the room to see whether she was alive or dead. He was surprised to see Sakhubai alive and bright but was unaware that it was not Sakhubai. He asked her, "Will you ever ask to go to Pandharpur again?" The woman who had replaced the form of Sakhubai replied politely "No, never." He became calm and released her knot. The women started doing all the household chores for Sakhubai.

Simultaneously Sakhubai over there was serving Bhagawan Pandurang, forgetting everyone and everything. One day Sakhubai was experiencing a great happiness within herself and was filled with extreme love for Vitthoba. Being drowned in bhakti she ran and stood before her merciful Bhagawan Vitthal. She touched the Lotus feet of Vitthal and a ray of joy passed through her. This was a very different feeling for her. She forgot everything and stood before Him and was drinking His beauty with her eyes. Tears were trickling out of her eyes when she was thinking of the great mercy and favour that her Vittu (Lord Panduranga's nickname) had showered on her. Her happiness knew no bounds and she made up her mind to spend her entire life in serving her Vitthal.

Each day Sakhubai used to get up early in the morning and go to pluck flowers for her Pandurang. With great love and care she used to make a garland for Him. Then she used to go to the temple and clean the surroundings and decorate it with rangoli. She used to bring water for the abhishekam (bathing of the idol). Each day used to bring with it a new happiness and a new experience. She had forgotten that this world contains something called sorrow, as her life was filled only with extreme happiness. The only fortunate ones in this world are those who get an opportunity in their lifetime to do kaingaryams to Bhagawan. Unless one has the full-fledged krupei (mercy) of their Satguru on them, one won't get an opportunity to do kaingaryams.The one and the only true millionaire in this world is the one who engages himself in the service (kaingaryams) of Bhagawan, who is the supreme millionaire of this universe.

One day Sakhubai was engaged in daily kaingaryams (service to Vitthal), at that time a snake bit her. She remained very calm and relaxed. She was extremely happy with the thought that she was going to merge with Vitthal and her soul is going to be one with Him. She went in front of Vitthal, caught his feet and bowed her head and started chanting His name.She started singing bhajans in praise of her Pandurang. This bhajans continued in full swing and everyone including Sakhubai experienced Paramaanandham (Eternal happiness). This is the power of Namasankeerthanam (chanting of bhagawan's name), which makes us forget everything including the ailments in our body. The Last sloka of Srimadh Bhagawatham reveals the power of chanting. The sloka is as follows:

'Naamasankeerthanam yasya sarva paapa pranaashaNam
praNaamo dhu:ckashamana: tham namaami Harim param'

[SrimadhBhagawatham -18000]


The one who's Naama (Name) vanishes all our sins, the one to whose Lotus feet on surrendering brings an end to all sufferings; I offer my whole-hearted namaskaramas (pranams) to such a supreme Bhagawan Shree Hari.

As Sakhubai was drowned in namasankeerthana of Vitthal and had surrendered herself to his Lotus feet even the snake bite did not affect her. This is the real strength of sharanaagathi (total surrender to Bhagawan Shree Hari).

All the bhaktas were totally immersed in bhajans. Bhajans were going on at the peak. Bhaktas were clapping, some were playing flute, jalara, chapalakatai and dholak and some started dancing with joy. Tears of divine happiness started rolling down the cheeks of most of the bhaktas. The entire place was filled with bhajans only. Everyone could feel the sanctity of Bhagawan Pandurang. Even the sweet, cute face of the idol of Pandurang looked extremely delighted. He was enjoying each and every second of the bhajans.

Bhaja Govindham Bhaja Govindham Govindham Bhaja Moodamathe.


There is nothing superior in this universe than constantly engaging oneself in the bhajans of the Supreme Shree Krishna.Bhagawan also gets delighted and enjoys each and every second of the bhajans, which is done whole-heartedly with true love and devotion.

Here in Pandharpur everyone had forgotten everything and were totally involved in the bhajans. At the same time do you want to know what the Pandurang who was in Sakhubai's form in her village did? Then engage yourselves in the bhajans of Vitthal and await patiently for our next month Vedhanadham's issue, till then Radhekrishna!!



Lord Parthasarathy

Sri Bhagawan Uvaacha :

Pathram pushpam phhalam thOyam yO may bhhakthyaa prayachchhathi |
Thadhaham bhakthyupahrutham ashnaami prayathathmana:||

Srimadh Bhagawath Geetha (9-26)

You are very fortunate to read these words, really very very fortunate. Bhagawan Sri Krishna Himself said this slokaa.It means whichever bhakta of mine offers me a leaf, a flower, a fruit or even water with love is accepted wholeheartedly by me.

A leaf, a flower, a fruit or a drop of water whatever is offered to me by anyone with unbound love and wholeheartedly, that is accepted and eaten by me.

Just see how merciful our Bhagawan Sri Krishna is! Bhagawan accepts only true love from us and nothing else. But some people have this wrong notion that He expects lot of money and rich offerings given to Him in a grand way, whereas Bhagawan accepts even simplest thing i.e. leaves, flowers, fruits or even a drop of water. These things are found easily and everywhere in this world. What a great mercy of Bhagawan!!! Bhagawan is eagerly waiting for all such offerings, which is given with true love and devotion. There are many bhaktas who have offered these simple things but with true love and devotion. Some of them are:

Gajendra, an elephant even when he was in deep trouble offered a lotus to Bhagawan, Eknath, a great saint in Kaliyuga offered water to Bhagawan, Kuchela offered Bhagawan rice flakes, Shabari offered fruits to Lord Rama.

When an elephant (Gajendra) can offer flowers to Bhagawan, a poor Brahmin (Kusela) can offer rice flakes to Bhagawan, a woman living in jungle (Shabari) can offer fruits to Bhagawan, then why can't we? To offer something to Bhagawan there is no need that you must go to temple but if you offer it with true love, clear mind and pure devotion Bhagawan will definitely accept it immediately with a great happiness. Hence it is just our attitude that we have towards Bhagawan.

Kuchela was a Brahmin who used to sing bhajans and go from one house to another with a bowl in hand to beg for food (unja vrudhdhi).Whatever he got he used to offer it first to Bhagawan and then eat it. If a poor Brahmin can offer food to Bhagawan then in today's world, most of us are doing quite well to have good food thrice a day.Then can't we offer the food first to Bhagawan? By doing that we can really find that happiness in our mind and heart. Everything in this world has the sanctity of Bhagawan Sri Krishna. It might sound hard but it is the truth. Infact doing the right thing in this kaliyuga is very easy. But for that one must do more and more chanting and follow guru's words as it is. By doing this, one can surely find absolute happiness and can feel Bhagawan's sanctity everywhere and in everything.

There are so many examples for this sloka.Let us enjoy the other examples for this slokaa in the next month.Until then Radhekrishnaa.



Naalaayira Dhivyaprabandham

Ooththai kuzhiyil amudham paaivadhu pOl ungaL
Mooththirap pillaiyai en mugil vannan pEr ittu
KOththuc kuzhaiththu guNaalamaadith thirimino!
Naaththagu naaraNan tham annai naragam pugaaL.

(Periyaazhwaar Thirumozhi - 389)

The above Paasuram of Sri Periyaazhwaar says that if you keep the name of my Bhagawan to your child, which remains stuck in the body full of urine and stools, the mouth that is full of germs, cavities and bad smell, by uttering HIS name, will feel as if a dirty pit is flushed by nectar. By calling your child with Bhagawan's divine name, you can feel the divine sanctity of Bhagawan always and you can be happy forever.The mother who gives her child Bhagawan's name can never go to hell.

Every small thing in this world is identified with a name. For instance in case of trees also each tree is identified with a particular name such as coconut tree, palm tree, banyan tree etc. Similar is the case with vegetables, fruits, clothes, etc. Human beings are no exception to this. The boons which one derives by doing dhyanam (meditation) in Krutha yugam, the boons which one derives by doing yagnyam in Tretha yugam, the boons that one derives by doing pujas (archanei) in Dwapara yugam, the same boon can be attained in this Kaliyuga just by doing namasankeertanam.

The people in this Kaliyuga are leading a fast moving life.In such a busy life, it becomes difficult to find time for reading the sacred, holy books like Mahabharatham, Ramayana, Bhagavadham, Vishnusahasranamam, Narayaneeyam. Hence it has been proved to us by all our great bhaktas that namasankeerthanam is the one and the only simple way to attain Bhagawan and lead a happy and contented life. Vedham, which is the base of our Hinduism, has proved that each word has its own sound. Our Vedham has also brought to our knowledge those sounds that make us feel pleasant, gives us happiness and even tune our nerves. Namasankeerthanam of Bhagawan has such great power that it makes us feel relaxed, calm, contented, happy and gives us a permanent relief from all our sins. Hence namasankeertanam is said to be the dharma of Kaliyuga.

It is a very common tendency of human beings that they love to be with the persons whom they like the most and always keep on calling them. Every parent has a special love and affection for their children. They keep on calling their child's name several times a day. So if we keep our Bhagawan's name to our child and keep on calling it with that name, then knowingly or unknowingly we remain linked with Bhagawan.Even if we call our child, He takes as if we are calling Him and comes running to help us.

The mouth of a human being has bad odour and also contains germs and cavities. It can be used in a right way, but most of them make a wrong use of it. It can be used for saying the truth but most of the time used for telling lies. It can be used for talking only the positive things but mostly it is engaged in negative matters.It can speak the words, which can give happiness to others, but sometimes it gives depression. There is no promptness either in speaking. That is the reason all the bhaktas keep on saying that chanting the Bhagawan's name continuously and being quiet is the most important duty of a human beings mouth. But in this Kaliyuga many people think that it is very difficult to chant because of the busy life. Hence by keeping the name of Bhagawan to the child one can keep on calling the name of Bhagawan. Even if such names are called out with love and affection on child and without the thought of Bhagawan, the merciful and loving Bhagawan thinks that He has been called. Bhagawan considers this itself as chanting and gives us happiness.See how merciful Bhagawan is!

A Brahmin named Ajaamilaa who had committed all sins in his lifetime was lying on his deathbed. His end was coming close and he saw Yamadhoothargal (the representatives of Lord Yama, God of death) and he got scared. He saw his son Narayana playing in a corner and he called him, "Narayana". Although he called only his son and not Bhagawan, immediately Bhagawan's messengers "Vishnudhoothargal" from Sri Vaikundam came there.They told the Yamadhoothaas that the soul of Ajaamila had been freed from all his sins and was to be taken to Vaikuntam (Heaven).On hearing that Ajaamila realized the importance of the naamasankeerthanam of Bhagawan.He started sincerely and truthfully chanting the divine name of Bhagawan.In due course he attained "Moksha".Such is the power of the name of Bhagawan Sri Krishna.The name of Bhagawan and Bhagawan himself is one and the same. There is no difference between the two.

Ajaamila had called the name of Bhagawan only because he had fortunately named his son as "Naarayanaa". That is the reason parents must name their children with Bhagawan's name. Bhagawan's name is very powerful and it is the perfect way to attain happiness and lead a happy life. There is a scientific reason also to why Bhagawan's name should be kept to children instead of other names. Every name of Bhagawan is in such a way that the letters on pronouncing produce vibrations that helps the nerves to think in a positive way. These names on pronouncing automatically make the mind very calm and peaceful.Today the reason we are able to know the secret and power of Bhagawan's naamaa (name) just because of the divine penance and bhakti of the great Hindu saints. These saints after performing severe penance and bhakti asked Bhagawan Sri Krishna about the secrets of his names. Thereafter Bhagawan Sri Krishna revealed the secrets of His name.

Bhagawan Sri Krishna's each name describes His qualities. As Bhagawan is totally complete and there are no shortcomings, chanting His naamaa automatically clears our shortcomings. All those who have tested this have found the true ocean of happiness. They have found the right path to win in life. His naamaa (chanting his name) is so powerful that it can break all the barriers in this universe. If any such barriers can be broken down within no time by chanting His naamaa, then worldly related difficulties can be solved very easily if we chant. Bhagawan's naamaa is the one and only one remedy to put an end to all the sufferings of life.

So name your children with Bhagawan Sri Krishna's divine naamaas (names) and enjoy the real happiness of life and you yourselves can feel the power of naamasankeerthanam (chanting). Radhekrishna!



An experience of a Shishya (disciple) from Bombay in his own words.


Jai Shree Poojyashree Shree Amma

Ammavin Thiruvadigale Saranam

Sri Gurubhyonnamaha!!!

Guru Charanam Saranam.

I, with the blessings of my Guruji Amma wish to share some of the happenings of my life with you all. About my feelings of my Guruji Amma I wrote a few lines in the earlier issue of Vedhanadham and hence I feel there is no need for repeating them.

I first of all would like you to know about me and how I was before I met Guruji Amma. My younger brother and I had suffered many hardships in our life from childhood to adulthood.Reached Mumbai some 34 years ago and suffered still more, but set our ambitions to achieve something in life and put in our efforts, sincerity, honesty and hard work and today we both can proudly say we have achieved most of what we aspired. First Guru for us was our own paternal grandmother, who from our childhood taught us we should help others, if possible, without any publicity i.e. whatever one gives out with the right hand even the left hand should not know, never think ill about others, stay away from bad company. Even with all these teachings of our beloved grandmother though my younger brother is a person of very clean habits and I turned out to be a person of bad habits because of my bad company and also because of my position in working life!!!

I was not a person to go to temple for worship or for that matter I don't even remember of ever praying at home. My thinking always was my grandmother is God like to me and if I keep my heart clean and follow the teachings of my grandmother it is sufficient for me. But sometime my inner mind, mostly when something goes wrong, would have a feeling that something is there which is stronger and mightier than everything and absolutely beyond our control. But I was not able to pinpoint what it is till I met my Guruji Amma.I started Bhakti some three years ago. As any other family person living in a Metro City, I have my own problems and worries, also my happier moments too!!!

Today with the teachings of my Guruji Amma and attending many time the pravachans of Sri. Gopalavallidasan I learned to accept the life as it comes and if I say after coming to Bhaktimarga I had only good experiences I would be a hypocrite. However, now when something bad occurs I know it is because of my Karma and learned to accept it graciously, do more chanting and pray to my Lord Krishna and Guruji Amma to help me out as much as possible because Karma cannot be avoided but with Bhakti and Shraddha can reduce the impact as little as possible.

Though, I consider me in the lowest step of the ladder in Bhakti comparing the other disciples of Guruji Amma (as the sayings in Gopalavallidasan's Pravachans Dasasya, Dasasya, Dasasya, Dasasya, Dasasya, Dasasya, Dasasya, Brithyasya, Brithyasya, Brithyasya, Brithyasya, Brithyasya, Brithyasya, Brithyasya, Paricharakasya, Paricharakasya, Paricharakasya, Paricharakasya, Paricharakasya, Paricharakasya, Paricharakasya, Brithyasya, Parichararaka - that is what I consider my level in Bhakti - compared to other disciples)

With all these I am fortunate enough to have the unlimited blessings of my Lord Krishna and my Guruji Amma. An example to this are my following experiences:-

Now it quite often happens when someone speaks to me just to please me without meaning it, or hiding something in their mind and speaks something different I am able to read them very clearly and their thought process.

Quite often it so happens Guruji Amma wants me to communicate and immediately I get an urge in my mind to call up Guruji Amma and a smiling Guruji Amma says Oh!!! by the time I thought of you, instantly got my message. Keep chanting more and more we shall be able to communicate with just our minds. Radhekrishna.

With the grace and never ending blessings of Lord Krishna and my Guruji Amma, the pinnacle of my experience, though I wrote in the draft of this, are now being advised by my Gurujiamma, while printing (mind communication) the time has not yet come to publicise. Radhekrishna.

The very final wish in my life now is to attain the Lotus Feet of Lord Krishna at the end of my this Janma, and I have not an iota of doubt about this as I have with me the never ending blessing of my Guruji Amma and Lord Krishna.Radhekrishna. Guru Charanam Saranam.

Poojyashree Shree Ammavin thiruvadigale saranam saranam saranam

An ever-grateful disciple of Gurujiamma.....

TSR, Mumbai.

Jai Shree Poojyashree Shree Amma.

Jai Shree Radhekrishna.



parithraanaaya sadhoonaam vinasaya cha dhushkrutham

dharma sansthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge

Bhagawan takes avatar in each and every yuga mainly to safeguard the bhaktas and then to destroy the rakshasaas who trouble his bhaktas.So Bhagawan came to this bhoomi from paramapadham just for the sake of his bhaktas. Hence we come to know that bhaktas are very very important to the Lord. Whenever Bhagawan comes to rescue his bhaktas the other fellow people also reap the benefits.........

Our guruji amma gives high respect to all the bhaktas.Hence our Vedhanadha's every issue will be dedicated to one bhakta.This issue we are dedicating to the great King namely 'Parikshith'.

Sagdhguru Sukhabrahma Maharishi narrating Srimad Bhagwat to King Parikshit and other rishis

The son of Abhimanyu and Utthara, also the grandson of Arjuna and Subhadra.

The blessed child who was saved by Lord Sri Krishna in mother Uttara's womb, when Aswatthama sent Brahmastra to wipe out the Pandava clan.

The gifted child in Uttara's womb saw the Lord moving round and round about him.As he looked at the Lord moving around him even before his birth, Parikshit got that name.Parikshit means one who looks around or examines.

One who was crowned as emperor and ruled from Hasthinapura, when Yudhishstira became old and departed to the other world.

The courageous king who was cursed to die of serpent bite by one Rishi's son, when he was horrified to see a dead snake dangling from his father's neck, who was sitting in the state of samadhi.

The great king who sacrificed everything to attain salvation in his last seven days of life and heard Srimadh Bhagawatam from Sagdhguru Sukhabrahma Maharishi.

The great devotee of Bhagawan Sri Krishna who attained liberation due to his unconditional faith in his Guru's words.

The courageous devotee who forgot all about his hunger and thirst while listening to Lord Sri Krishna's stories during his last seven days of life.



Poojyashree Shree Amma

The ultimate liberator bestowed by Lord Sri Krishna!

Simple, modest and down to earth!!



Forthcoming programmes

August 1st To 16th : Srimath Ramayanam

Timings: Daily Evening 6.45pm To 9pm

Venue: Sri Ponnu Guruvayoorappan Temple, Rajaji Path, Dombivli East.

The weekly Saturday and Sunday bhajans and satsangam will be held at various bhaktas residences.

Aug 20th Satguru Mahaan Brahmashri Gopalavalli Dasar starts from Mumbai for Madras.

Satsangam News

Guru Poornima Celebrations - July 2nd 2004

July 2nd was the day for which all the disciples all over the world of Guruji Amma were eagerly awaiting for. It was the day which brought with it the greatest festival of Guru Poornima.

On this day our Guruji Amma was present in Chennai. Hence the disciples of Guruji Amma residing at all the other places called her to seek her divine blessings. Our merciful Guruji Amma attended each call without fail and showered her whole-hearted blessings on all.

This auspicious day was celebrated in a very grand manner in Mumbai, Coimbatore, Chennai, South Africa, America and many other places by her disciples! The celebrations began with the slogams on Guru Dhyanam which was followed by namasankeertanam and bhajans of Guruji Amma.

Special bhajans and namasankeerthanam were conducted at various places by Poojya Shree Shree Amma's Shisyas. Few of the pictures for us to view and get blessed!

Sri.Rajesh's Residence

United States Of America.

Sri. Sivakumar's Residence

Entebbe, Uganda, South Africa.

The Mumbai disciples of RadheKrishna Satsangam were really blessed to be with their Sathguru Mahan Brahmashri Gopalavalli Dasar on July 21st which was the day of Thiruaadipuram (Aandal's Birthstar).Aandal, who was the incarnation of Bhoomi Devi came on this Bharata Bhoomi only to spread Krishna bhakthi and deliver the message of Bhagawan to all the jeevathamas.

All the disciples of Mumbai were fortunate to hear the pravachan by Mahan Brahmashri Gopalavalli Dasar on the charitaram (life history) of Aandal, at Sri T.S.Venkateswaran's residence, who had made excellent arrangements for the same. This pravachan inspired and aroused in each one an eagerness to lead a life like Aandal.

'Namasankeertana', an organisation called upon our Sath Guru Mahan Brahma Shri Gopalavalli Dasar for releasing their first copy of brochure on 28th of July, 2004.This function was organised in a very grand and decent manner in the Ponnu Guruvayurappan temple of Dombivli. The members of Namasankeertana considered themselves very lucky as they were gifted with an opportunity of handing over the first copy of their brochure to such a great bhakta and Sathguru. Mahan Brahma Shri Gopalavalli Dasar also showered his whole-hearted blessings on this organization. He also expressed the need, importance and his desire of spreading the Mahima of namajapam (chanting Bhagawan's name) in this entire world.

With the grace of Poojyashree Shree Amma, all the disciples of Mumbai were blessed with the great opportunity to witness the satsangs of Mahan Brahmashree Gopalavallidasan.

The five days pravachan on 'Vishwaroopa Darshanam' which took place at Radhekrishna Satsang, Bombay was really extraordinary! All the necessary arrangements were taken care by Sri T.S, Ramachandran and the pravachan went on very nicely.The disciples could never imagine that it contained such deep message till it was revealed to them.The message contained in this chapter regarding the karma (duty) for which we are born, which we have to perform and the consequences which would befall upon us if we divert ourselves from our karma was very clearly explained.

Bhagwan Krishna is infact very kind and gentle.Bhaktas quote him as 'Shanta Swaroopi', i.e. one who is extremely mild and affectionate.But He would never accept if His bhaktas divert themselves from their karmas which has been assigned to them by Him.This is exactly what happened with Arjuna. As Arjuna was getting diverted from his karma, Bhagwan Sri Krishna showed him His real form and revealed His true self.It was at this point that Arjuna realised that Krishna whom he used to consider as his friend was none other than the Supreme Parabrahmam.

The pravachan on 'Divya Desa Vaibhavam', took place at Sri Raghavan residence, who had made excellent arrangements for the same, took each and every disciple mentally to those divya desams, although physically most of them have never been to those places.

All those who heard this vaibhavam understood the story behind the emergence of that divya desam and the divine paasurams which our great Azhwars have sung in the praise of the Bhagwan of that divya desam.

The happiness, the comfort, the relaxation of mind, the deep calmness in heart could be really experienced on hearing the pravachanams of Mahan Brahmashree Gopalavallidasar.

The bhaktas were blessed to hear and experience 'Ramayana', the great divine script which is also known as the 'Sharanaagati Grantham', meaning 'total surrender epic'.

Our Gopalavallidasan guruji made us realise the importance and happiness that we can experience after totally surrendering ourselves to Bhagwan.After hearing this pravachan, we understand that Bhagwan Shree Rama inspite of being the Supreme power acted as a normal being only to make the samsaris understand how to interact with our parents, elders and other people. Like any other ordinary mortal, He showed us how to perform our duties sincerely and what are our duties and responsibilities towards every individual.

Bhagwan Shree Rama spoke only the truth to make us understand that truth always wins.It maybe slow moving as compared to the lies but then what comes out victorious is always the truth.There is no history of truth being defeated.

The pravachan on Ramayana is still going on.The bhaktas are very fortunate for getting this opportunity to listen to this divine holy epic for the whole month and listening it from such a great Krishna bhakthaa, i.e. Mahaan Brahmashree Gopalavallidasan in such an heart rendering manner.

The bhaktas of Bombay were very fortunate to be able to hear the discourse of Mahaan Brahmashree Gopalavallidasan on 'Satguru Mahimei' as well...Satguru Mahima has brought before all the bhaktas the revival of the great guru parampara which was practised and followed in this Bharatha Bhoomi.The need and importance of a satguru was presented in a heartwarming manner.

Sathguru is none other than the messenger of God, infact satguru is God himself.Satguru never bothers as to what this world thinks or says about them.Their only wish is to uplift the samsaris and enable them to enjoy the real and true happiness.The pravachan on Sathguru mahima has made the bhaktas realise that life without a Satguru is meaningless


RadheKrishna Krishnaradhe RadheKrishna Krishnaradhe RadheKrishna Krishnaradhe RadheKrishna Krishnaradhe