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Vedhanaadham - The Sound For The Soul - April 2005
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Welcome to our anniversary special issue....... We wish you and your family members a happy and a prosperous Paarthiba new year with Lord Krishna's grace and Gurujiamma's blessings...Radhekrishna!


Heartiest Message from the Holy consort of our divine Shree Poojyashree Shree Amma,  i.e. our Gurujiappa


Vedhanaadham - an organ of Sri Radhekrishna Sathsangam has completed one year and here below is the rejoice of a soul about the publication of Vedhanadham and the message it spreads.


The Poojya Shree Amma, founder, benefactor, guiding principle and above all, 'THE MOTHER' of Sri Radhekrishna Sathsangam is working tirelessly for the welfare of the mankind and to see the various organs of the Sathsangam function in unison (for the welfare of mankind) and to achieve the objectives. Let Lord Radhekrishna's Kripa Kadaksham give enough strength, health to Poojya Shree Amma (to serve the mankind) for many more long years to come and to attain uniqueness. Let all people associated with this task to work wholeheartedly and purposefully by Bhagavan's grace.


The disciple of Poojya Shree Shree Amma, Mahan Brahma Sri Gopalavalli Dasan and his disciples and other organs of Radhekrishna Sathsang are wholeheartedly engaged in activities to furtherance the objectives of Radhekrishna Sathsangam. The very thought of their good activities gives me immense joy. There is nothing specific to say about the shortcomings.


Despite numerous hardships, Radhekrishna 'Nama Sankeerthana yagna' is going on continuously and it reverberates and the wheel of Kalachakra is going on and on. Bhagavan's Kripakadaksham - the divine grace is fully bestowed on this great liberation movement by Nama Sankeerthanam - Radhekrishna, Radhekrishna and we all know this. This is Bhagavan's bounty - Sowbhaghyam.


"Sugirtham dhuskritham chaiva Naiva thulyam cadachana" (Bhagavan)


Bhagavan is a lover of tribulation (that is, HE is giving trials and tribulations to mankind to bring them under HIS mercy). The god created ordinary people do not believe each other and accepts one as 'friend' only after many a trials (so to be accepted by God, one has to undergo trials). The love for Bhagavan, even if it happens after maturity, has its own disadvantages. But the hero of the story, I am going to narrate is a small boy of 7 years old. He is a village boy. Poor family, undergoing hardships for bare meals. His teacher's daughter is getting married. The teacher has invited all of his class students for the function.


The boy's father is a potter and poor. When the boy broached the teacher's daughter's marriage, his father expressed his inability to do something to them as compared to other boys. So he asked his son to explain their position to the teacher. The boy felt sad and was proceeding to the place of marriage. He had to pass through a forest on his way. While he was passing through the forest area, he felt sleepy and he slept there itself. The boy was weeping because he could not give anything to his teacher. While he was sleeping in that condition, Bhagavan Krishna appeared in his dreams. HE gave a pot of curd and asked the boy to give that curd pot as an offering of the boy to the teacher and HE faded away.


When the boy woke up, he saw the pot with curd before him. He felt so happy (about the god's gift). He took the curd pot and came to the footsteps of marriage hall. He handed over the pot with curd to the teacher. On seeing this, his friends mocked at him. His teacher was unhappy. He has not made alternative arrangements for curd to be served in marriage function. He thought this boy would get enough curd.


However the teacher consoled himself and put the curd in a big vessel. Lo! The pot was full of curd again. After putting that in vessel, again the pot became full with curd (by Bhagavan Krishna's Anughraham). The teacher was able to serve curd to all the guests (instead of butter-milk as was planned) and everybody was happy about that. The teacher explained the incident and the grace of Bhagavan (His leelas), to all. Every body, there were overjoyed and immersed in "Bhagavath Bhakthi" by praising the Bhagavan's abundant grace.


Bhagavath Bhakthi - Devotion to Lord Krishna - does not require wealth. Your Ernest desire in your heart to do "Nama Sankeerthanam of Bhagavan Krishna" is the only requirement. So there is no need to go elsewhere because it is within you and within your powers.

So let us not think about irrelevant lame reasons to escape from this but change our selves to be an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna by "Nama Sankeerthanam" with un-flinched faith in its efficacies and become eligible to "Bhagavan's Divine grace".


Blessings to All.

Gurujiappa, Chennai.




A humble message from Poojya Shree Shree Ammavin sishyar  Mahaan Brahmashree Gopalavallidasar  


Jay Shree Poojya Shree Shree Amma !


A very surprising and special news!! With the blessings of Poojyashree Shree Amma and the blessings of the Bhagavath bhakthaas, Vedhanaadham completes its first anniversary. It is surprising and something hard to believe. Such things alone are recognized as God’s wish. In the very beginning, a Sishyai from our sathsangam wished to start a website for our Radhekrishna Sath Sangam to propagate the divine messages and bliss of Poojya Shree Shree Amma. Then we started our website. Later, we started publishing monthly free spiritual E-magazine from our sathsangam, which was already intended by Lord Krishna.

Our Vedhanaadham has been beautifully designed with various headings such as, Guruji Amma’s Divine Experience, Naalayira Dhivya Prabandham, Bhagavath Geeta, the divine experiences of Guruji Amma’s disciples and various photos of Guruji Amma with divinity. This is how our Vedhanaadham commenced and marched to launch its first monthly issue on 13th April 2004 on Tamil new year day.Another speciality of this day is, it is Swami Ramaanujar’s birthday.Everything is calculated by our elders and is just amazing! It is a teamwork and not any individual’s property. Our e-magazine, Vedhanaadham is an universalproperty just as the Ramayanam and Bhagavatham.

Our only desire of this magazine is to give solace and happiness to the people living all over, amidst several hardships. It is sorry to note that the numerous magazines instead of presenting qualitatively have been publishing cheap articles with business-mindedness and is deceiving the public. At such a time, Vedhanaadham is a medicine to my aching heart given by God. Really, I feel very happy when I see the child, Vedhanaadham completing one year. I am not able to express by mere words the happiness, which I see today. Each one has been just a small part in completing this work for the Sathsangam. When God shows so much honour and respect to this small part of work from every disciple, it really makes me very happy and gives a lot of peace.

In ancient days, people preserved the manuscripts about their Guru’s Mahima and the sacred Hinduism by carving on the stones. Later they preserved them on dry leaves, which then followed, by preserving on papers. Now, the same work is being continued by means of internet. Certainly, it is Guru Krupai alone. Each one who is working for this mission will surely enjoy their share of Guruji Amma’s wholehearted blessings including the people who read this magazine, which is mainly done for them. The truth behind this is, it is Poojyashree Shree Amma doing all the work from within us and not the other way. Hence, I offer my prayers at the holy feet of Poojyashree Shree Amma, that this magazine Vedhanaadham should continue eternally.

Only after the launch of Vedhanaadham, there were many changes in the sathsangam activities. Today, we have launched many other websites apart from Vedhanaadham. It is indeed happy to see the developments. Many more are yet to be done and will surely be done with the blessings of Poojyashree Shree Amma. Each one of us here are fortunate and only with the good deeds of past several births, we are here today to enjoy this sathsangam on Vedhanaadham which has reached us at our table. Enjoy this sathsangam regularly with Guruji Amma’s blessings. Radhekrishna, Radhekrishna, Radhekrishna, Radhekrishna….

Vedhanaadham has completed its first year with the boundless mercy of Bhagavaan Shri Krishna and Poojyashree Shree Amma’s divine blessings and I dedicate all the messages of Vedhanaadham to the Bhagavath Bhakthaas such as, Swaami Ramanujar, Shri Krishna Chaithanya Mahaprabhu, Sri Maadhavendhrapuri, Sri Madhvaacharya and seek the blessings of all the great disciples to bless Vedhanaadham to be eternal and give peace and happiness to all the souls like the Aazhwar’s Dhivya Prabandham, Valmiki’s Ramayanam, Vyaasa’s Bhaagavatham, which is my only prayer. Radhekrishna!!!

My hearty blessings to all, who are putting their sincere efforts in this divine work.  They and their family members must live long and do this service to the humanity for receiving the eternal bliss.

Jay Shree Poojyashree Shree Amma
Jay Shree Radhekrishna Sathsangam
Jay Shree Radhekrishna

Jay Shree Bharathmatha

Amma's Gopalavallidasan





1. The Divine Message - Message From Poojyashree Shree Amma - The Ultimate Liberator Bestowed By Lord Shri Krishna!


Amma's abhayakarangal

Blessings to one and all in the world.

In which object is the God not present? HE is present in each and every object. Whether can one say that HE is present in a certain place and not in other places? The actual fact is that, it is we who have not understood HIS presence. We can feel the presence of the breeze (air), when it blows. We say sometimes there is breeze while at times not. But the breeze (air) is present at all times. At times, when we are able to feel the breeze, we say that it is present and when we are not able to feel it, we say, Oh…., there is no breeze at all. But, even at that moment the breeze is present, we are not able to feel it, we are not able to see it with our eyes. It can be seen in a different way. How…? Fluttering of a piece of cloth and that of a leaf on the tree or at some other times we feel that we are being pushed. In this way, with our sight we are able to feel the presence of the breeze indirectly. When we chant to that extent and feel the presence of the Supreme power, known as Bhagavaan, we can understand everything.

Bhagavaan, Bhakthi is everybody’s need. It is not something which is unwanted. Just as everyone needs the life for themselves, Bhakthi is the prime need for each soul. When a person is dead, it has no value and is a mere dead body. People hasten saying, everything is over, the body should not decompose, come on, lets dispose it soon from the house. This is the human trend. Then, everything is going on only because of the true Athma (soul) within us. No one can deny it, just as the life which is true and definite it cannot be denied. When someone says so, it shows that they have not understood. It doesn’t mean that God is not present. Hence, we do not argue with them instead ignore them. It is said that, such matters are not to be told to two types of people. In fact, it is not that these two types of people are not to be told; rather, they do not show interest in such topics. People who are totally ignorant will never listen to all these things. People who are well aware of these things also will not pay attention in listening to these topics. There is no need to explain to these two types of people. People, who have desire and also listen, are certainly to be told. How is it to be told? It can be told even forcibly. Hence, those who listen are to be certainly told. Whomsoever it may be. It does not need any requisite qualification.

The only qualification required is the desire to listen. Bhagavaan Himself says that, those who listen to these topics are only to be told. Radhekrishna!! People who have the desire to listen about ME are to be told. People who have faith on ME are to be told. So, we need not waste the time in explaining to those who have no faith in it. It can be shared to more number of people who have faith in it. May be these people who have belief may share with few others and can impart the faith. Another issue to be shared here, in the early days, when the LIC had started its scheme many people were against it and even today it is a matter which is not a favourable one. The scheme suggests building a house, save for future etc. in the pretext of death. Such topics should never be told blatantly to any human being. In the beginning, people did get angry over this sort of a scheme. But, gradually they fooled the people and now everyone has accepted it to be a must. Amidst Amma’s discourse a devotee replied saying that it is useful, for which Guruji Amma emphatically cleared it asking, why is it useful? That shows people do not have faith on God and that is the truth. When God has created everyone, HE very well knows to protect. Yes, what will you do if the money which you are saving in your office is looted by your Manager? Then how will you get your money back? Till today there are many things which have been revealed and many more other things which still remain unrevealed. If incentives such as, commission is being offered in any of the schemes; it is being given only to known few people while from others they just take the signatures and swindle the money. Therefore, it justifies that it is ‘God alone who truly takes care of us and protects us at all times’. Radhekrishna!!



Poojyashri Shri Amma

April 2005, Chennai

Listen to Amma's divine message in Her own voice! (in Tamil)





2. Mahatmas - New Bhaktacharitras Each Month

India is the holy land with so many bhaktas (devotees). When we go through the Indian history, there must be a bhakta in every period. That is the greatness of this sacred land. Bhaktas are the role model for all the bonded souls. They enjoy their life in a perfect way. Bhaktas surrender themselves to the Lotus feet of Lord. By hearing or reading bhaktas' divine story, the bonded soul is enlightened to come out of the worldwide bondages.

Radhekrishna! Sincere chanting and listening to the great stories of devotees will surely give a peace of mind to everybody, even in this 21st century. So many people think that listening to the devotee's stories is a waste of time and there is no benefit at all. If somebody wants to realize the power of bagawan, first of all they must listen bhaktha charithram (stories of devotees). There are so many advantages in listening to baktha charithram.

Radhekrishna.The unique thing in this world is to be in the company of Bhaagavathaas. None other than them can equal the impact which sathsangam creates in our lives. Bhakthas are superior to everything else. Bhagavaan Shri Krishna in the Bhagavatham beautifully quotes,

na hyammayaani theertHaani na dhevaa mruchcHilaamayaa:

the punanthyurukaalena dharshanaadheva saadHava:

(Srimath Baagawatham 10-1/48/31)

Many people have concluded that the so-called sacred places only are sacred. They alone sanctify us by destroying our sins. In addition, the idols of God made of stone and wood in the temples alone are the true embodiments of God. However, the truth is that these images destroy one’s sins only gradually thus purifying the person -- (the punanthyurukaalena).

Apart for the above two, there is another thing that destroys our sins immediately in this world. Besides, that thing is mobile and moving. What is it? The very sight of Sadhus, Bhagavath Bhakthaas, Mahaanubhavar, devotees destroys the greatest of our sins -- (dharshanaadheva saadHava:).

TRUE. God Himself attributes to their company. And for these bhakthas alone, Parakaalan performed Thadhi Aaraadhanam. To honour the devotees is known as Thadhi Aaraadhanai. It was conducted with great pomp and splendour. The levy amount which was to be paid to the king, was also being used up for the smooth conducting of the Thadhi Aaraadhanam. Whenever the king’s men asked for the levy amount, Neelan would talk of giving on a later date. Unable to sustain their pressure the brave Parakaalan drove away the king’s men. The king arranged a huge army led by the Chief, Shreedharan which was ensued by a battle at midnight . He came without any prior notification, which Parakaalan somehow got to know. Parakaalan too joined the battle in his horse named, Aadalmaa. Blowing the conch, he fights courageously. Kumudhavalli and the devaas (demi-gods) sang the Mangala vachanam (blessings) for Parakaalan. Performing the Thadhi Aaraadhanam to the Bhagavath Bhakthaas itself created good thoughts. As they were singing the glory of God, Parakaalan developed saathvik thoughts. The saathvikam that grew in him encouraged him to fulfill the bhakthi of devotees. Such is the greatness of enjoying sathsangam with Bhakthaas. That is why our elders say in the Bhagavatham “samsare asmin kshanaartho api sathsanga: shevadhir nrunaam” The greatest wealth one can earn in this world is being a part of even a half a minute of sathsangam. This alone is the non-depleting wealth. Therefore enjoying sathsangam is very rare in this world. One who experiences sathsangam alone is the fortunate ones. Sathsangam provides everything except sorrow. Such is the greatness of sathsangam and due the strength of sathsangam alone the demi-gods blessed Parakaalan. They prayed to God to help Parakaalan. Kumudhavalli also prayed, as she was a great devotee herself.

Parakaalan fought in an exceptionally well manner. As everyone started, retreating the enemy could not stand up against and fight. Parakaalan fought seated on his horse Aadalmaa which was better than Indra’s horse itself. Just as Arjuna fought in the battle of Kurukshetra with the help of Lord Krishna, Parakaalan also fought in the battle by the grace of God. Nobody had the valour to withstand the battle, thus losing their limbs. Everyone there was a kshatriya , courageous by birth thus excelling in the battle. The losers ran for the fear of life. The commander of the army Sheedharan tried to boost everybody’s morale and asked his army to fight but nobody stayed back. All of them scampered away fearing for their very lives. Sheedharan himself came face to face with Parakaalan. Parakaalan fought a furious battle, which redefined the ethics of warfare thus proving his efficiency as a kshatriya. Though Sheedharan too was good in the art of war, he was completely cornered by the tactics and proficiency of Parakaalan. By the time Parakaalan, who was mad with anger destroyed the enemy it was dawn. Confused as what to do Shreedharan saw Parakaalan coming to kill him. Somehow, he escaped the sword of Parakaalan and told his account of battle to the king, ministers and courtiers. Hearing it, the Chola king fell down unconscious.

After regaining his consciousness, the king himself proclaimed that he would lead the battle from the front. Accompanied by his four-fold army the king came for a battle with Parakaalan. However, Parakaalan here entered his city basking in the glory of victory. Just as all the people of Mathura experienced Supreme happiness when God Krishna came back with the smile of victory the subjects of Parakaalan enjoyed their king’s march of victory. Just as Lord Rama who after a grim battle with Kara-Dushana was tended by Sitadevi similarly Kumudavalli affectionately complemented Parakaalan for his victory. She tended to his wounds and Parakaalar experienced a great happiness by that. That day too Thadhi Aaraadhanai took place as usually. The devotees too seeing his concern for them were immensely pleased. Parakaalan who was still exhausted from battle did not show any disinterest in Thadhi Aaraadhanai. Everybody started singing his glory seeing his interest in serving the bhakthaas and at the same time were also surprised by his bhakthi. They felt that, can there be a Vaishnava dharma like this? Everyone sang the Mangala vachanam for Parakaalan. When one is blessed by the bhakthaas to excel, then even God cannot question the happenings. So the common people can obviously never think of objecting it. Periyaazhwaar, in His Thirumozhi says,

naadhanai  narasinganai navinRu EtthuvaarkaL

uzhakkiya paadhathooli paduthalaal ivvulakam baakkiyam seythadhE.

(Periyaazhwaar Thirumozhi – 365/1000/4000)

This universe itself becomes fortunate when the bhagavath Bhakthas take their incarnation to shower their mercy on the souls.

Such is the greatness of the bhakthass’s sacred feet’s dust. Who can measure their greatness, when they themselves praise a soul and the happiness and all the goodness the soul attains and also the honour it would receive. Parakaalan was indeed a blessed soul in this regard. Everyone praised him happily calling him Sathyasamshi.

In the mean time, Chola king came with his immensely huge army. Parakaalan was shocked. Undeterred he left for the battle again. The bhakthas blessed him profusely. “As you exemplarily served the devotees you alone will be victorious”, thus they blessed him. He alone is blessed who fights for the bhakthas and does his duties for the bhakthas and there is no one to defeat him. Remember well – The day from when you struggle for the sake of devotees from that day itself your happiness will be multifold. It is because of the bhakthaas that God is incarnating on this earth. Therefore, it is fortunate to avail the blessings of devotees. Thus, Parakaalar who was blessed went to wage another battle.  A great battle ensued. The king did not come in the beginning. His commanders preceded him. However many of them ran away or died in the battle. At last, the king himself came out of his tent and readied for his duel. He waged a great battle with our Parakaalan. The king too could not match the valour and defeat Parakaalan. The reason being Parakaalan fully blessed by the bhakthaas. Parakaalan didn’t fight for his selfish needs but fought against the king for the sake of bhakthaas. The king too seeing the magnanimity of the battle was completely vexed. However, in order to regain his rightful wealth from Parakaalan thought with a presence of mind. The king therefore said to Parakaalan that, he would not harm Parakaalan but only would want Parkaalan to return his money as he was baffled by Parakaalan’s valour. He promised repeatedly on the name of his parents and preceptor to prove his words. 

Parakaalan too accepted to the king’s words approving it to be the just act. The king left however only after he appointed a minister to pressurize Parakaalan in repaying his tax money, if necessary, threatening to imprison him in some secretive place. At the same time, Parakaalan too kept thinking of some way to repay his debts. The minister daily used to pester Parakaalan in the name of the king’s money. One day under the pretext of talking some secret issue took Parakaalan to a deserted temple and locked him from outside. In some instances, its said that the temple where Parakaalan was imprisoned was the Thirunaraiyoor  temple. Grief stricken that the service to the devotees would be held up due to his absence Parakaalan became inconsolable. He rejected the food offered to him and lamented for the discontinuation in the Thadhi Aaraadhanai. Surprisingly, due to his constant companionship with the bhakthaas he inculcated bhakthi unknown to himself. The condition laid by a woman, Kumudhavalli enabled him to grow as a bhakthaa.  Bhakthi has so much power that it can change anyone as anything for the good of the world. Moreover, if a woman decided it, then there is no one to stop. It is in the will of a woman that can destroy a man or turn a man prosperous. Therefore, the women have to decide their temperament. It is only the womenfolk who can make the family attain happiness.

 “If our elders die, then the women would become corrupt, if the women would become corrupt then we would lose our kula dharma.” Thus in the very first chapter of Bhagavad-Gita Arjuna tells it to God Krishna. The bearers of dharma i.e. justice are the women in the household. The sole condition of Kumudhavalli made Parakaalan realize that the belief in bhakthi and prapaththi (total surrender) to God would save us from anything. Then Parakaalan decided to maintain a fast until any of the Gods, be it Srirangam’s Ranganathan or Tirupathi’s Srinivasan or Kanchi’s Varadan would show him the way to collect money. Parakaalan started to observe his fast. The days continued from one, to two then two to three. Then beautifully, on the third day night, God showed Parakaalan His divine form and also told the place from where he would get the required wealth.

Keep guessing until the next sathsangam to know the name of the God and the place for finding the hoard of money. Radhekrishna

To be continued


3. Krishnam Vande Jagadhgurum - Extracts From The Holy Bhagawath Geetha

Amma with guruji

Radhekrishna.Hinduism is an ancient religion. All the things that have been spoken in Hindu religion can be applied in practical life. Although in 21st century till everyone can apply this in his or her daily life. The aim of Hindu religion is to provide total happiness to everyone at all times (or any point of time). The essence of Hinduism is told in "Bhagawad Gita". In order to realize what is said in Bhagawad Gita it is a compulsory (must) to have an unconditional faith on Bhagawad Gita. So many people have benefited in their lives because of the (by reading) shlokas of Bhagawad Gita. In Bhagawad Gita, Bhagawan Shri Krishna has told the way to lead a happy life in such an easy way that even a normal layman can easily understand. The slokas are so simple that anyone can understand and use it practically.

YathkarOshi yadhashnaasi YajjuhOshi dhadhaasi Yath!
Yaththapasyasi Kountheya! Thathkurushva madharpanam!

Radhekrishna! Lord Vishnu, whose consort is Goddess Lakshmi, is the very embodiment of kindness for the jeevathmaas (souls). The truth is that nobody on this earth has that level of kindness on us. Bhagavaan’s simplicity is such that, the jeevathmaas performing their karma (duties) for themselves, can also be dedicated to HIM which itself shows how kind HE is! Radhekrishna! Moreover, ‘the food’, is the most essential need for this human body. Since, hunger is a natural phenomenon; the food is the basic need for this body. There are different types of living beings on this earth and each of them has different type of food suitable to their needs accordingly. Of them, the human life is the most privileged one. The food acts as an essential source for the development of intelligence and energy. Hence, we are able to carry out our karma (duties) with self-confidence. Such is the power and importance of food. The journey of human life is being carried on with the help of food. Hindu Dharma has in large analyzed and explained about the importance of food. In Hindu dharma, in accordance with the way of life, the food pattern has been beautifully divided into four such as, Brahmachari, Gruhasthan, Vaanaprasthan and Sanyasi. The Hindu dharma sasthra has also specified the amount of food to be taken by each one of them. It is only today that science implies, which has already been long established in Hindu dharma. There is nothing, which Hindu dharma has not discussed about. Radhekrishna!

In accordance with Hindu dharma, a Sanyasi (one who has renounced everything) should consume only eight morsels of food. In the next stage, that is, a Vaanaprasthan (one has left his home and sets out to the forest with his wife) should consume only sixteen morsels of food. Hindu dharma implies all these. In the case of a Gruhasthan, (one who leads a family life) should consume only thirty-two morsels of food. How can one define like this? It is said that, on consumption of such amount of food, each one of them gets the required energy in accordance with their duty to be performed. Our elders have so beautifully put forth this truth. Lastly, a Brahmachaari (bachelor) can consume stomach full of food till his satisfaction. In this way, the food is our daily need from birth till the last breath of one’s life. Even when one is sick, he has to consume the prescribed food. When one is not in a position to consume, glucose water in the form of saline is being fed as his food. In this way, in different stages of one’s life when people consume different types of food, the same is to be offered to the Almighty, which is said as, YadhasHnaasi, (Whatever you eat)…. offer it to me) by Bhagavaan HIMSELF in the Bhagavath Geeta.

Last month, we enjoyed how beautifully Vidhurar and GHaNtaakarNan offered to the Almighty, the food that they consumed. Well, one can set aside all these as historical and mythological events. Nevertheless, even in the Bhaktha Charithraas, one can come across, how the great bhakthaas, have principles of offerings to the Almighty, whatever they consumed. Surprisingly many of them live a life without any principles. To lead a wholesome human life, one should have certain valuable principles. Even animals lead a disciplined life such as a goat lives with its group, a cow only with its group. It is only man, who does all the work haphazardly.  He is very intelligent but at the same time is very egoistic also.  If human being lives, in the way the Almighty desires, then there will be no sorrow at all. The truth is, the religion, sacred books and the teachings of the great saints are all for the human beings to lead a happy life. The human beings can lead a noble life, while they are living a polluted life. Pollution in the sense, instead of living in the orderly manner, he tries to lead a disorderly way of life. Just as, it is disgraceful to see the holy cow idling in the muddy water and eating all rubbish like a pig, it would be even more worse for a human being to lead such a disorderly way of life. Hindu dharma has been embedded with ways and means to lead this blessed, precious human life.

All the great saints are really very special and notable. They were devoted irrespective of the stage in which they were, whether the Brahmachaari, Grahastha, Vaanaprastha or Sanyasi. All of them offered to the Almighty whatever they consumed. In the same way, a person undergoing all these four stages, in each of these stages offers the food to the Almighty, before he consumes. Bear in mind, this is the basic need of a life. Such is the greatness of our Hindu dharma a Sanathana dharma in which several holy saints have lived gloriously. No doubt, never will the teachings of this Sanathana dharma go waste. There are innumerable examples to quote in this holy land of Bhaarath..

A great preceptor, known as Shri Krishna Chaithanya Mahaaprabhu has lived in the sacred land of Bhaarath. There were many ablest disciples for Shri Krishna Chaithanya Mahaaprabhu. Each one of them was a challenge to one another. Shri Sanaathana GOswami was a well-known Bagavath Bhaktha amongst them and accepted Sanyasa dharma, who was indifferent to the worldly pleasures. His devotion was such that, He would become one with Bhagavaan Krishna, forgetting everything, in His awesome Krishna-Premai. Radhekrishna!  Deserting everything, He came all the way to Brindavan, which was the only source for His life. He lived in a small hut, yet He considered it is too spacious, since he felt that the omnipresent Lord was permanently dwelling in His heart and the whole world was their home.

Radhekrishna! Bhakthaas never feel that they need a home for their own, separately. Shri Sanathana GOswami lived a very simple life. He would wake up early in the morning, chant and sing Lord’s name constantly and would set out for the prayerful begging, when He felt hungry. He would first offer the food to the Lord and then consume with whatever He obtained. Radhekrishna! He would after all get a Roti and some vegetable. He would not give importance whether it was tasty or the salt is sufficient in it. Shri Sanathana Goswami  would just bring it, offer it to the Lord happily and then accept the same food cheerfully.

Once, it so happened that Shri Sanathana GOswami felt that He would go to Mathura to get His daily food. Generally, it is so embarrassing to go from door to door begging for food. It would be possible only when one shuns down his entire ego. It is very difficult and would be possible only when one has extreme devotion, renounce all the worldly pleasures and with constant Naamasankeerthana. Saints remaining in such state of devotion is only due to God’s wish as also was in the case of Shri Sanaathana GOswami. Accordingly, Shri Sanaathana GOswami reached Mathura at the doorstep of Shri Dhaamodhara Saubhe for Biksha. Dhaamodhara Saubhe’s wife was an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna and had Lord Krishna’s idol with her. It was just an idol for all others, while, she considered it as her own child, Madhanagopaalan. Radhekrishna! She was already blessed with a son named Sadhan and hence she named the idol as Madhan. She treated both, as her own children. The idol Madhan was very charming and Shri Sanaathana GOswami was attracted towards the beauty of the idol. The idol reflected the presence of Baghavaan Shri Krishna. Such presence of Almighty in the idols made of metals, stones and wood is felt only because of Bhagavath Bakthaa’s devotion. Radhekrishna!  Shri Sanaathana GOswami felt very happy on seeing the idol and asked Shri Daamodhara Saubhe’s wife about the secret of the idol’s beauty for which she replied that she is nurturing HIM as her own child. In addition, she said she was upbringing the idol Madhan with love just as her son Sadhan.

Shri Sanaathana GOswami was longing to possess the idol Madhan, but realized that it would not be possible. It had become a daily routine for a couple of days for Shri Sanaathana GOswami to visit Mathura from Brindavan. He could understand her motherly love towards both Sadhan and Madhan. Whenever Sadhan was given bath, fed or dressed she would do the same to Madhan without any discrimination. She laid down both of them besides her when she went to bed. This was the way she treated Madhan as her own child. However, those who give importance to materialistic rituals do not accept this way of devotion. However, she never bothered for it, as Baghavaan Himself was mesmerized of her true love. Radhekrishna!  Bhagavaan is capitivated only for the supreme love for HIM.  All others are only show off. “Preeyathe Amalayaa Bhakthya Hari:”.  Bhaktha Pralhada pronounces that Bhagavaan is bound only for the true love. Similarly, Madhanagopaalan too was enchanted with her true love on HIM. Shri Sanaathana GOswami was amazed with such a motherly love towards Madhan even in this Kali Yugaa. Madhanagopaalan accepted all her devotion yet Shri Sanaathana GOswami remarked that there are certain adherences for idols.  There are certain ways of bathing idols, known as “Thirumanjanam” in Vaishnava Sampradaya. Rituals such as bathing (Thirumanjanam), dressing (adorning of vastra), offering (nivedanam), dolothsavam (playing in the swing)and Sayanothsavam (making HIM sleep) in the night, waking up in the morning (Suprabhatam) as done in case of human beings are to be performed for idols too by reciting certain hymns and Vedha mantras which would be more auspicious. Shri Sanaathana GOswami uttered in such a manner, which was accepted by Shri Daamodhara Saubhe’s wife and put it into practice.

However, she wept and said, Sir, Madhan did not like the ritual way of performing and asked me to treat at par with Sadhan. After listening to it, Shri Sanaathana GOswami sobbed and told the woman to continue in her usual way of presentation. Shri Sanaathana GOSwami was of the opinion that the woman would not be in a position to perform by reciting hymns and manthraas and thought that Madhanagopaalan would desert the woman and join him. It was not due to hatred or jealousy but owing to enormous love towards Madhanagopaalan. The next day, on his visit, the woman wept and informed that she had a dream wherein Madhan requested her to handover HIM to the Sanyasi, Shri Sanaathana GOswami, as it would be difficult for her to take care of HIM due to her old age. As such, she decided to handover Madhan who was so close to her by heart and soul and gave the responsibility of upbringing Madan. Shri Sanaathana GOswami was overjoyed saying, hey! Madanagopaala! You are so kind on this Sanyasi, a beggar. She narrated the type of food she would offer such as milk, butter, curd, ghee, Roti with vegetables at regular intervals. During the course, she would also feed HIM milk with rich almonds, saffron etc., in soothing condition. Shri Sanaathana GOswami listened to all these and set out along with Madhan to His hut. Madhanagopaalan, who was laid down on a silken bed so long, was just wrapped in a piece of cloth and kept in a corner of the hut.

Shri Sanaathana GOswami who was a staunch Sanyasi and renunciated all the worldly pleasures was not in possession of any rich food items to feed Madhan. After his return from the routine Biksha with dry Roti and some vegetables with insufficient salt, He offered it to Bhagavaan and the same was offered to Madhan for a couple of days. Though Madhan gleefully accepted it for a couple of days, he gradually remarked that the Roti would be tastier if a pinch of salt is added to it. It is Bhagavaan who has said in the Bhagavath Geeta,  YadhasHnaasi, (Whatever you eat, offer it to me), and now, today you will ask for salt, then demand for butter, ghee and so on. He refused to get and angrily replied, You will be offered only what I consume. Are they so harsh to God, the most beloved to them? The saints who are detached with the materialistic pleasures will not run about for salt and other tasty ingredients though they will sacrifice even their lives. They are contended with chanting and praising God at all times wholeheartedly, with full of devotion alone in their mind. If they run for paltry items, how could they do Bhakthi?  Since samsaaris are giving, prime importance to such things and are not able to attend the Sathsangs and be in association with the Bhakthaas. Shri Sanaathana GOswami says to Madhan, that He is not willing to miss the opportunity of doing Bhakthi,, if He is in search of salt and other ingredients, and so says that whatever I offer You must simply accept it. Madhanagopaalan too accepted it. YadhasHnaasi, Bhagavaan accepts any food even the Roti with less salt, if offered to HIM with true love. HE did this Leela to prove Shri Sanaathana GOswami’s principles. In the same way, Bhagavaan accepted the food offered to HIM with true love by many more bhaktaas.

Wait until next month, to know those bhakthaas. Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna!


4. The Divine Songs - Dhivyaprabhandham

Naalaayira Dhivyaprabandham

Poliga poliga poliga pOyitRu valluyir saabam:

Naliyum naragamum naintha namanukku ingu yaathondRum illai:

Kaliyum kedum kaNdu koNmin kadalvaNNan poothangaL maNmEl

Maliyap pugunthu isai paadi aadiyuzhitharak kaNdOm.

(Swami Nammaazhwaar’s Thiruvaaimozhi  3352/4000)


What do I see? What is all this? The world is abounding in inspiring Vaishnavites, whose treading on this earth makes us doubt whether Kali has ended and Krita age has dawned. Past sins are extirpated; possibility of sinners is also next to nothing; there is none to go to Hell. It is lord Yama, in frustaraion goes and searches in all the worlds, with an inquisitive suspicion about all the mysterious turn of events. Devotees of the sea-hued Lord (who are called Bhootas, since the Lord has entered into their bodies, in a special manner, somewhat, as you say, as a ghost or devil in a hysterical patient!) abound everywhere, singing and dancing in praise of the Lord. I see this and feel happy. May it ever increase! Glory them to all!


Radhekrishna! Hindu Dharma is beyond time and is Sanathana Dharma. That is why our elders have beautifully divided the period in different ways. Such divisions were made as ‘Yugaas’. There are four different Yugaas such as, Kruta Yugam, Trethaa Yugam, Dhwapara Yugam and Kali Yugam. In the Krutha Yugam, truth and justice were prevalent significantly. The status of such truth and justice diminished in the Trethaa Yugam while in the Dhwapara Yugam the state still declined. In the Kali Yugaa, unjust has upper hand and this Yugaa is dreadful as felt by all. What is the state of this Kali Yugaa?  As per Srimadh Bhaagavatham, the sages in the Naimisaranya forest, said to Sootha Bouraanikar the following sloka:

praayeNaalpaayusha: sabhya kalaavasmin yuge jhanaa:

mandhaa: sumandhamathayo mandhabHaagyaa hyupadhruthaa:

In this Kali Yugaa, the life span of people is very short. It is not only, the life is of short span but the intelligence is also in low ebb. Leave about intelligence, the people are neither brisk in their activities nor have desire in achieving their goal. Added to this fortune is also not in their favour. Moreover, the state of health is also in question and always complains of one or the other illness. Everyone grumbles about his or her sickness and ill health, right from a child to an aged person.

The Kali Yugaa is also coupled with terrorism. Seeing all unfavourable conditions people get confused of the Almighty’s existence, become unstable in their belief on God, and are not peaceful. The existence of atheism is in prominence in the Kali Yugaa. Even those who have belief in God do not seem to have the true belief and have half-hearted faith on HIM. The eternal bliss of devotion is enjoyed by very few only. During such times, there is a general opinion that if God exists, everything should be perfect and in orderly manner, but why such ups and downs? However, in God’s creation and in His acts there can never be any faults, shortcomings or up side-down. The shortcomings and faults are with the people alone. How can one accept it? It is scientifically proved that God’s creation of the sun, the moon, earth, wind and ocean, functioning in its purest form, is being ruined due to the selfishness of the human beings. All accept this fact. There is no mistake in the Almighty’s acts but the human attitude should change. The eternal bliss lies only if the people change their attitude. Will their attitude change? Is there any force to change? 

The human beings are bonded with their ego, self-pride and arrogance thinking that their own acts are perfect. Amidst this, to carry on the human life of earning money, getting married, bringing up their off springs and living their family lives, man becomes self-centered and starts troubling others. This carries on for birth after birth. Then, who can change him. Only if he changes, the universe will change. Since he is a very powerful creation of God. There will be change in the Kali Yugaa, only when human beings change themselves. When will he change and who has the power to change him? Is there anyone to bring such a change in him? ‘Yes, there is, to bring change in him and to make him enjoy the happiness’. This is no fiction; in fact, a great personality has made such a change. Such a great personality is ‘Swaami Nammaazhwar and has rendered this paasuram in His Thiruvaaymozhi in Naalaayira Dhivyaprabandham’.

Swaami  Nammaazhwar, incarnated on the 43rd day of Kali Yugaa, remained silent meditating for the first 16 years of his life. Thereafter, on his dictation, His disciple Sri Madhura Kavi Aazhwar took it down in writing. On experiencing the divine grace of God, Swaami Nammaazhwar foresaw the destruction of Kali Yugaa. “Poliga poliga poliga pOyitRu valluyir saabam:”. The living beings are subject to a curse.  That is, even after being gifted a human birth, being provided with skillful hands and legs, a mind to carry out noble activities, they are heaping upon themselves loads and loads of sins by performing misdeeds.  The reason is that humans are habituated to perform wrongful acts since generations. It is the reminiscent of bygone births, which have stuck to the soul. Many people do not accept this truth. We forget everything while we are asleep.  We forget everything including who we are, where we were, but on being questioned we say, “I had a nice sound sleep.” On awakening, we regain our consciousness and recollect everything. When we say we forgot, shouldn’t it be forgotten forever? Yet we remember all of our minutest details. Similarly, the deeds of our past lives remain with our senses and body. We learn about these by doing bhakthi, chanting God’s divine name and meditation. In this manner, the living beings became subject to a curse by performing numerous misdeeds. Sins are not only those acts which we should not do but also those which we fail to do as noble deeds.

The common people are ignorant of such things. In order to bring abut a change just as when one is asleep, he does not perform any wrong deeds as he has forgotten his very self. What is a sin? The activity, which troubles us as well as others, is a SIN. The aftereffects of sins are nothing but fear, agony and pain, which we are referring to as troubles. It is impossible to harm anyone when we are asleep. It is so because the person forgets the fact that he is an independent entity and loses his egoistic attitude, forgets his relationships, loses his pride and unknowingly he surrenders himself to the lotus feet of God. Thus as he forgets everything in slumber he can forget everything while he is physically awake too. Is it possible to do this?

People boast saying that they get themselves engrossed by meditating, performing yoga, or playing and many other excuses. Nevertheless, the truth is that people are not able to forget everything. Even if the body can, the mind cannot forget as it is constantly revolving in materialism. The mind must be at peace and only devotees i.e. bhakthas can give us inner peace .We question how bhakthaas can, as they too are humans. Bhakthas are humans for the unrealized eyes. However, their heart is the permanent abode for the supreme entity and supreme Almighty. That is the reason why they can achieve any feat. When we are ill, we go to a doctor. Who is he? He is also a human being who gives us medicines according to what he has been taught or whatever he has read. If we are traveling by a car, train the person driving it is also a human. There are many such examples. Again, it is the man who invented the ship, which travels on the sea, and the sailor is a man. We deposit money in banks. Even if banks are computerized, the one handling the computers is a human being. 

In this way when a person is of use to another with the help of his textual knowledge or his experience, then a bhaktha also by His devotion to God can achieve anything. There is no need to doubt this. Bhakthas only adorn a human body but their heart being the permanent abode for God, HE is always in conversation with them and bhakthas are always subject to God’s instructions. Hence, bhakthas have a natural quality to help others. Imagine bhakthas to engulf our lives from all sides, then what is their karma? If a vegetable vendor comes in the streets then, it is for selling his wares. If a garbage collector comes then it is for collecting the garbage from the streets and houses. Similarly, the bhakthas when they incarnate, then its for a specific mission. We say the corporation employees spray the mosquito repellents in that way everybody according to their status and education are doing some duty. In this way, the bhakthas on incarnating on this bharatha bhoomi are performing their duties. Their duty is to spread the divine Namasankeeerthanam on all sides. Wherever they go, they spread the namasankeerthanam of God by chanting Krishna, Rama, Govinda, Maadhava, Keshava, Vaikuntha, Narayana etc. On hearing these names of God unknown to ourselves, our human mind is immersed in it. The more and more our mind gets attached to it all our sins are washed away.

Even Aandal in her Thiruppavai paasuram says –

vayinaal paadi manadhinaal sindhikka, poya pizhayum pugu tharuvaan nindranavum

 theeyinil thoosakum chepellorembhavai.

(By chanting Lord Krishna’s name and meditating upon Lord Krishna’s Divine form alone, all our past sins and the present ones, which we have committed knowingly or unknowingly, are forgiven by HIM. So by chanting and contemplating on HIM alone, all our maliciousness is completely burnt away)

If we do so, the sins of our past lives are cleansed away and the ones of this life are washed away forever. When the sins are washed away, the remnants of our previous lives also leave us. When the past misdeeds leave us these sins, do not count. When we are devoid of wrong notions then there is no chance for us to perform any sins. Then surely, there is just happiness in our lives. Thus, when there is no sin on the name of a person then there is no need for Yamadharmaraaja to come down. Therefore, 

 Poliga poliga poliga pOyitRu valluyir saabam:

Naliyum naragamum naintha namanukku ingu yaathondRum illai:  

People’s sins have left them and now there is no need to worry. “Naliyum naragamum”- there is nobody to go to hell. It is because; if good and bad deeds were of equal quantities then a person would take birth on this earth. If one performs bad deeds then he goes to hell and heaven if he does good deeds. When one does not perform any bad deeds then there is no need for the hell in order to experience some agony here and the rest in hell. The sins have been washed away and so nobody is performing any more sins. Yamadharmaraja sees that there is no one coming to the hell and so he himself comes down and sees everybody engrossed in bhakthi. When everybody is filled with devotion, then there is no sorrow and everyone enjoys the supreme pleasure alone. Thus, there is no work for Yamadharmaraja here. “Kaliyum kedum kandu konmin”- “There is no scope for Kali to progress as it undergoes destruction”. How it degraded was, as everyone had become devotees of God. The duty of Kali is to propagate injustice. When everybody is just and practising devotion, then God who is the embodiment of justice checks the path of Kali bringing it down to its knees. Therefore, the Kali that was degrading everyone, itself was degraded.

When asked how, then it is said –“ kadalvaNNan poothangaL”-- Aazhimazhai Kanna! Thus says Andal.  Aazhivannaa! Nilavannaa! Manivannaa! The sea is similar to God’s complexion to which aazhwars praise with surprise that the sea must have undergone intense tapas (meditation) and worship due to which it got the same colour of God. The bhakthaas of God Krishna have infiltrated everywhere. “Kadalvannan bhoothangal mannmEl maliya pugunthu isai paadi aadi  ...What they are doing over here is that, they are engaging themselves in namsankeerthanam such as, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, the mahamanthram, Radhekrishna, Om namO Vaasudevaya, Om namO Naarayanaaya, Raama, Govindha, Maadhava, Keshava all around and singing bhajans in every nook and corner. They are thus singing, dancing and jumping in His glory. Seeing their happiness, others too followed the bhakthaas and started namsankeerthanam owing to the company of the bhakthas

“ Kaliyum kedum kaNdu koNmin kadalvaNNan poothangaL maNmEl Maliyap pugunthu isai paadi aadiyuzhitharak kaNdOm”.

Everybody started coming in throngs. That is why everybody’s sins got washed away and so, Swami Nammazhwar sings the praises of these bhakthaas. When one comes in the company of bhakthas, when bhakthas come to our places then even a sinner would attain a place of honour. When sinners like Ajaamila and the servants of Yamadharmaraaja, themselves realized the supreme truth on listening to the sathsangam of Vishnu messengers then imagine the effect of throngs and throngs of devotees. Truly, throngs and throngs of devotees have come and gone in this Bharatha bhoomi, holy land, in the past millennium. Such is the greatness of our Sanathana dharma that is Hindu dharma. Henceforth, one need not worry about the behaviour of Kali. Kali is degrading. It is not progressing but waning out. All the assets of Kali are leaving him and Kali is losing its so-called splendour. It is because wherever we see there is the presence of bhakthaas. Such is the glory of the bhakthas.

 Hence, it was said by a great bhaktha – 

“satsangatve nissaganthvam, nissangathve nirmOhathvam,

nirmOhathve nichchalathathvam, nichchalathathvE jeevan mukthi:”

 Due to sathsangam alone one gets salvation or liberation. Hence, this salvation is bestowed upon everyone and Swaami Nammaazhwar has said this after foreseeing through his divine vision. Promisingly it is taking place to this date too. So keep chanting with complete faith and if enjoyed sathsangam then wherever one goes they can enjoy the happiness of Kritha yugam or satya yugam. The words of Nammazhwar will not go false. It is a promise. Radhekrishna, Radhekrishna, Radhekrishna…  

Poojyashree Shree Ammavin thiruvadigale saranam saranam saranam

Poojyashree Shree Ammavin Thiruvadigale Saranam Saranam Saranam.




5. Spring Of Spiritual Showers - Experiences Of Bhaktas, Disciples Of Poojyashree Shree Amma, Our Gurujiamma

An experience of a disciple


Jai Shree Poojyashree Shree Amma

divine eyes that guard us continuously

Radhekrishna... Radhekrishna... Radhekrishna... Radhekrishna...

We were blessed to have our Sathguru – Poojya Shree Shree Amma, in the Upanayanam (Sacred Thread Wearing Ceremony) function. Poojya Shree Shree Amma, blessed the occasion. It was the first time, when Mr. Narayana Iyengar, met Guruji Amma. Guruji Amma attended the function and stayed there for 10 minutes. Then while leaving, Mr. Narayana Iyengar was fortuned to have the sight (Darshan) Poojya Shree Shree Amma. Guruji Amma’s single glance can thoroughly scan one’s inner feeling and emotion. The same thing happened in this case too. At that time, HE (Hereafter Narayana Iyengar will be called as HE) could not feel the real significance behind the darshan of Guruji Amma. People could not feel understand the glory of Krishna Bhagavan, and some considered him as a cow-keeper, devoid of divine knowledge. Bhagavan could not be understood, unless the illusion (Maya) was removed. The divine experience of this devotee is a typical case of illusion. ‘Maya’ can be taken as illusion. The words illusion, hallucination etc., comes in medical parlance. This divine experience was a typical example of that category. The real divinity behind Guruji Amma could not be understood, unless the illusion (Maya) is removed.

HE was an elderly person, brought under the tight regime of custom and code of tradition. Typical orthodox people, who follow only external code and conduct, usually ignore the divine Bhakthi, which does not come under the traditional custom. Some people believe that ladies cannot become Sathguru. HE was a believer of the above statement. But for Bhakthi, Sathguru is always a Sathguru. There were hundreds and hundreds of Bhakthai, who lived in this Bharatha Bhoomi as Sathguru.

In our house, Guruji Amma’s disciple, Sri. Gopalavalli Dasan’s Upanyasam was going on at that time. HE was studying Vishnu Sahasra Namam, Gayathri Mantra’s of various deva’s, Gayathri Japam, Astakshara japam, Beejaakshara japam of various chakra’s representing various deva’s, various other recitations found in vedic scriptures, as learned by him by sheer practice and through various tracher’s of Sloka’s. HE was regularly reciting these kind of Sloka’s for more than 60 years. But, only words were recited. Mind was not filled with divine love. It is a custom to recite, failing of which will lead to sin. So, out of fear of sin, HE was chanting various Sloka’s, for more than 6 to 8 hours in a day. HE has spent much of his life, in studying and chanting various Sloka’s. Kandar Sasti Kavacam, Lakshmi Astakam, Lakshmi Astotharam, Vishnu Sahasra Namam, Panchayutha Sthothram, Dhvadasa Nama panjaram, Hayagriva Shtothram, Beejaakshara Mantram of Navagraha’s, Aditya hrudayam, Purusha suktham, some of the invoking sloka’s of 4 veda’s, 108 type of Gayathri Mantra’s invoking the blessings of deva’s, Gayathri japam and other related Sloka’s.

But mind kept roaming and an unknown fear was always felt in his heart.

HE was constantly chanting all these Sloka’s from one to another. Vinayagar, Murugar, Ambal, Sakthi, Siva, Raghu, Kethu, Sanaischaran, Navagraham, Soundarya Lahari, Lalitha Sahasra Namam etc., and all other slokams were recited one after another. Various other Pariharam (actions done to remove the sin) and the corresponding Parihara Mantra’s were also recited.

But, only words were repeated.

Mind kept rolling from one Deva to another Deva and from one God to another God, in search of result, namely fruit. When the mind is fixed on the fruit means, the mind starts wandering from one end to another. So this search ended in frustration, tension, anxiety, fear, illusion, hallucination etc.,

Wandering search ended in illusion and fear.
His fear was not removed by chanting these sloka’s.

HE had an illusion of seeing bull, black figured people, lights going off, entire room becoming dark (actually all the lights were lit) and other related symptoms of darkness. This illusion continued for more than 2 to 3 years. The medical treatment was also given. The medical treatment also helped him. It gave HIM relief. But, that was temporary too. So, the illusion continued. This terrible fear continued and HE was suffering a lot.

Guruji Amma sent the Manthropadesam of Radhekrishna Namam, through a disciple to reach Him. At first, just like any body, HE also ignored it. But, Guruji amma’s mercy is vast.
Guruji amma never let this soul to suffer under the illusion (Maya). Guruji Amma constantly sent messages of 2 or 3 words, through the disciple to reach HIM.

‘Chanting will fetch moksham’ (liberation)
‘Kali Yuga Dharmam Nama Japam’ – means, the ordered duty of this age is chanting.
‘Eka Namam Eka Daivam’ – One chanting name and one god.
‘Eka Namam Eka Daivam Sreshtam’ – One chanting name and one Bhagavan is supreme.
‘Bhakthi Means Nama Japam’ – The meaning of Bhakthi is Nama Japam (chanting).
‘Krishna Namam Amrutham’ – Name of Krishna Bhagavan is elixir.
‘Krishnam Vandhe Jagath Gurum’ – Universal Guru is Krishna Bhagavan.
‘krishnar Is Paripoornam’ – Krishna Bhagavan is totality.
‘krishna Preethi Sakala Devathaa Preethi’ – Satisfying Krishna Bhagavan, satisfies all the Deva’s.

These are a few example of Guruji Amma’s Hithopadesam (kind advice) to HIM. In Tamil, it is said “Surunga Cholli Vilanga Vaippavan Bhagavan” – means, the words of Bhagavan will be short (number of words) but the hidden meaning behind them is infinite. The same goes well with our Guruji Amma – Poojya Shree Shree Amma.
Guruji Amma used to say, “These kind of sentences comprising of 2 or 3 words (Oru Vaarthai) will make the mind to think.”Actually in Tamil, ‘Oru Vaarthai’ means single word.

The same thing happened with this devotee too. When the disciple passed these words to HIM, at first HE hesitated. A cycle of emotions in the form of hesitation, frustration, dejection, fear, suspicion, ego, anger etc., all were poured by HIM, as experienced by that disciple.

It was that same time, with the blessings of Guruji Amma and by the divine mercy of Bhagavan Radhekrishna, the Bhagawath Gita Upanyasam (discourse) by Sri. Gopalavalli Dasan, disciple of Guruji Amma was organized in that house.

It is a common misbelief that keeping a photo of Krishna Bhagavan with a flute and also studying and listening to the lectures of the I chapter of Gita, is of bad to the family. Guruji Amma broke this myth. Krishna Bhagavan means carrying flute and playing it melodiously. Gita means entire 18 chapters, and it does not leave the I chapter. When Krishna Bhagavan is accepted and also Gita, as an elixir coming from the mouth of Bhagavan means, then why should we leave the I chapter? The Bhagavath Gita Upanyasam was going very well. By listening to the discourse, HE started enjpying the divine meaning behind Guruji Amma’s words. The words looked simple. But, they had treasure of knowledge hidden in them. By keep on meditating, on those words of Guruji Amma, HE started to do Nama Japam and Guru Dhyanam automatically. The Guru Dhyanam, done by HIM, in thinking of Guruji Amma, gave HIM a sigh of relief. The relief felt by HIM, could not be expressed in words. It is an Athmaanubhavam – divine experience of a soul.

HE himself said, “For more than 60 years during my lifetime, I was studying many religious scriptures. But, nothing gave me inner happiness. I was always grim and full of rigidity. But, now I am very happy. I feel always happy now. By listening to the discourse and meditating on the words of Amma and Radhekrishna naamam, now I am able to laugh. Yes, of course, now I am laughing wholeheartedly with my mouth fully opened, and the inner soul also enjoys my inner happiness, in the divine Leelas of Krishna Bhagavan.”

During the recitation of various Sloka’s, at each and every stage, HE slipped from one god to another in search of removing the fear coming out of sin. But, the mere repetition of words of scriptures in oral form without any wholehearted devotion means they cannot lead to liberation. So, every thing failed.At each and every stage, the fear kept increasing than giving Him any relief. But this was the earlier stage. After listening to Guruji Amma’s words, He faced a new life of ever-lasting happiness.

Illusion occupied HIS mind, earlier days. HE was seeing buffalo, people of ugly appearances, many sheeps being massacred, many animals running towards HIM to hit, fighting of animals etc., and all dark appearances. HE could see a darkness everywhere. HE used to say, “Put the lights on. It is dark everywhere. Why are you not lighting lamps to remove darkness?” Externally, when all the lights were lit, HE could see darkness inside in his mind. This illusion toiled him a lot. The suffering undergone by him is very painfull. But, Guruji Amma’s Manthropadesam gave a permanent full-stop to his problem.

Do you want to know, the thing which he saw after the chanting of Radhekrishna namam?

(continuation in the next issue....)  

Poojyashree Shree Ammavin thiruvadigale saranam saranam saranam

Radhekrishna Radhekrishna Radhekrishna…
Jai Sri Poojya Sri Sriamma
Jai Sri Radhekrishna Sathsang ki Jai

A humble devotee 




6. Samarpanam

parithraanaaya sadhoonaam vinasaya cha dhushkrutham

dharma sansthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge

Bhagawan takes avatar in each and every yuga mainly to safeguard the bhaktas and then to destroy the rakshasaas who trouble his bhaktas. So Bhagawan comes to this bhoomi from paramapadham just for the sake of his bhaktas. Hence we come to know that bhaktas are very important to the Lord. Whenever Bhagawan comes to rescue his bhaktas, the other fellow people also reap the benefits.........

Our guruji amma gives high respect to all the bhaktas. Hence our Vedhanaadham's every issue will be dedicated to one bhakta. This issue we are dedicating to one of the aacharyans namely "Sri Ramanujar"

Swami Ramanuja

Swami Ramanuja

The incarnation of the sacred serpent Aadhisesha and the gifted son who was born on 13th April of 1017 A.D in Sriperumphudhur (Tamilnadu, South India) to Sri Aasoori Kesava Perumal and Srimathi Gaanthimathi.

The benevolent devotee who was taken from Vindhya hills back to Kancheepuram, by the divine grace of Lord Varadharaja and Goddess Perundhevi.

The powerful enlightened devotee, who liberated a devil (Brahma raakshas), which settled in the body of a princess, by touching the head of the princess by His holy feet.

The Great Spiritual Master (sadhaachaaryan) who propagated Vishishtaadhwaitha Siddhaantham (philosophy) of total surrender (Saranaagathi Thathvam).

The humble Disciple who went 18 times to Sri ThirukkOttiyur Nambi to get the sacred secret (Manthra Upadhesam)

The great spiritual master who revealed the secrets of sacred mantra to one and all in the world.

The great courageous devotee who travelled by foot from Melkottai to Delhi in search of a deity called, Ramapriyar.

The humble devotee of Sri Aalavandhaar, who prayed for strength and will, to accomplish the three longings of his Sathuguru and made them a reality by his sincerity and devotion.

The great revolutionary spiritual master who allowed the low caste people into the temple for worshipping.

The ever-great Sadhaachaaryan (spiritual master) who crossed the seven mountains of Thirumala Temple with folded legs, forsaking the blood coming from his body and pain too.

The evergreen spiritual master who wrote several books about the sacred Hinduism.

The healthy spiritual master who lived on this earth for 120 years and had His last breath in 1137A.D.




7. Sacred Living Sanctity - New Pictures Of Poojyashree Shree Amma, Our Gurujiamma

our gurujiamma

The ultimate liberator bestowed by Lord Sri Krishna!

Simple, modest and down to earth!!




8. Sathsangam News - Information About The Sathsang Activities Like Forthcoming Pravachans And Programmes

divine eyes that guard us continuously

Sathsangam Programmes held at various places last month 

Holi special bhajans took place at Mr.Sreenivasan’s residence on 25th March 2005. 25th March was Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s birth date. To celebrate this special day of Holi as well as Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s birthdate bhajans were celebrated in a grand manner by Mumbai devotees.  

All the Chennai devotees were overjoyed by Mahan Brahma Shri Gopalavallidasar’s sathsang on Aazhwargal Vaibhavam in Dhanuskodi Kothandaramar Koil. The Chennai devotees were very fortunate and blessed to hear the sathsang of Aazhwargal Vaibhavam from February 8th to March 31st. Mahan Brahmashri Gopalavallidasar will continue the sathsang on Aazhwargal vaibhavam after His Mumbai trip.


As the devotees were totally engrossed in Mahan Brahmashri Gopalavallidasar’s sathsang they did not want Him to leave from Chennai.


The sathsangam on KanniNun Siruththambu by Mahan Brahmashri Gopalavallidasar after the weekly Saturday bhajans melted the hearts of the devotees. The sathsang was so amazing that the devotees forgot all the worldly materialistic things. The paasurams of Madhurakavi aazhwar describing about His Guru Swami Nammaazhwar made the devotees to realize the importance of a sathguru in a human life. 



Special News!!!

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!


The 60th Birthday of the most elevated divine Mahathma, Shree Poojyashree Shree Amma is going to be celebrated in Mumbai on May 20th in a very grand manner!!!


As a start to this celebration we are going to launch a new site from April 6th.

 Click and wait for the golden celebration!!! This site will be updated four days in a month. This is a very special and extraordinary site which will be updated till May 20th, 2006, Guruji Amma’s 61st Birthday.


April 7th is the divine date of Guruji Appa’s birthdate. Make a call and get blessed at this number, 044-22237769.  Special bhajans have been arranged as a celebration for Guruji Appa’s birthdate at:

Mr. T.S Ramachandran’s residence,

201,Chandresh Apt,

Gandhinagar, Dombivli (east).



One more VVVVVVIP has joined our Radhekrishna Satsangam.....eager to know who it is??? Hmm keep guessing till our Krishnavedham's April issue is launched.



Our satsangam is coming up with more sites shortly which needs all the viewers to participate in it for world peace and harmony...For further details, please await the forthcoming Krishnavedham's issue. Radhekrishna.

Forthcoming Pravachanams by Poojyashree Shree Ammas Sishyar - Mahan Brahmashree Gopalavallidasan

Date:     April 3rd to 20th

Topic:   Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

Venue:  Mr. Vishwanathan’s residence

202, Sangam building,

Rajaji Path, Dombivli (East)



Date:     April 21st to 23rd

Topic:   Brindhavana Mahimai

Venue:  Uma.Narayanan,

A/101, Pinak C.H.S Ltd,

First Floor, Kelkar Road,

Ramnagar, Opp Aai Bungalow,

Dombivli (East)



Date:    April 24th to 30th

Topic:  Bhaktha Vaibhavam

Venue:  V.Subramanian,

1003, Kailash Towers,

Goregaon link road,

Near Container road,

Mulund (West).


Weekly bhajans are held in Chennai, Podanur, Mumbai, USA, East Africa and Muscat with Guruji Amma’s abundant blessings.


RadheKrishna Krishnaradhe RadheKrishna Krishnaradhe RadheKrishna Krishnaradhe RadheKrishna Krishnaradhe